Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

In college, Tom worked for the South-
western Company of Nashville, Tennes-
see. Southwestern employs thousands
of college students each summer to
sell books door-to- door. Based on his
success in sales (number one for three
successive summers), Tom became a
sales manager at Southwestern.
Tom then joined FISI*Madison Finan-

cial and successfully ran the sales organization. Tom grew sales from $2 million to over

$350 million.

Tom left FISI*Madison to start Private Business, Inc. Under his leadership as CEO, Private

Business grew into the country’s leading provider of accounts receivable programs for

community banks. Tom served as CEO for six years and took the company public in May of

  1. Tom was the first employee and the only CEO until the company was sold.

In January 1999, Tom purchased Tecniflex/Bancsource, Inc. Tom formed a sister company,

Imagic Corporation, that develops and supports check-imaging systems to community

banks. As CEO, Tom expanded both companies from small regional providers to national

sales and service organizations. Imagic grew quickly, merged with OSI and went public. Un-

der his leadership, Tecniflex/Bancsource has gone from 27 employees to almost 500 serv-

ing 4,000 banks in 49 states.

8 years ago Tom cofounded Ncontracts, now the leading provider of vendor compliance

and risk management for financial institutions. Ncontracts serves over 900 financial institu-

tions nationwide.

More recently, Tom has founded the Tom Black Center for Excellence. The Tom Black Cen-

ter for Excellence, a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), offers customized

sales training and coaching services to national clients of all sizes in a wide range of fields.

Facebook: @Tom.Black.104 LinkedIn: @TheBoxCarMillionaire

Twitter: @TomBlackCenter Facebook Page: @TomBlackCenter

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