Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

find the right mentors, try to find the right
teachers. One of the big issues in the inter-
net marketing world is that the guys who
are very successful at it, tend to be sucky
teachers. And so that’s been the worst part
is trying to learn internet marketing from
marketers. Well most of them are natural
marketers, so either a) they don't want to
tell you what they did, or b) they cannot
really break it down because it’s like asking
Mozart to tell you how to write a sympho-
ny. He's like 'well just friggin write a sym-
phony.' I am like 'well that’s not helping'
ok? You know, so I am the anti-Mozart, I
am like, I don't know what to do so that’s I
think again being a nerd, why I had to
break it down step-by-step just for myself
to go 'what do you want me to do?' And
then now I think my students appreciate
that because a lot of them feel the same
way. So right now, I am kind of the internet
marketing clean-up crew at this point.

Neil: And did you have any doubts that
delayed you starting your business?

Noah: Yeh yeh, huge doubts. I mean I al-
ways doubted myself, I always doubted my
own ability, I always thought everybody
else was smarter than me. And you know
sometimes that is true and often times is-
n't. And that is the number one thing for
me Neil was realising not that I am smarter
than anybody but that everybody is not
smarter than me, you know. And we are all
kind of figuring this out.

Now, of course there were some people
who were better marketers than me and
had more knowledge and experience, that

was certainly true and of course those
were the people I tried to learn from. But
the main thing for me that held me back
for a long, long time was that belief, that
'Well I guess everybody is smarter than

I will give you a just quick example. I had
one book come out from Harper Collins,
called The Secret Code of Success and their
brilliant idea was to release it on January
20th 2009. Well there just happened to be
one other thing happening on January 20th
2009 which was the first black president of
the United States being inaugurated. And
they literally said to me, and I am not mak-
ing this up, they said, 'well don't worry the
media will have to cover something else.'
No, they actually didn't, there was nothing
but that for weeks and weeks and weeks.
So, I got utterly completely lost, it was a
train-wreck, it was a disaster. And so, I was
sitting there going you know little old me,
saying 'but I don't think that’s a great idea.'
But I literally said, 'well I guess they know
better than me, they have got a big build-
ing and you know they must be smarter
than me. And meanwhile, no they did not
know anything and that was really stupid.
Ha ha.

Neil: What mistakes did you make that
slowed your journey?

Noah: Trusting the wrong people, not lis-
tening to myself, not listening to my intui-
tion. Being conned by con-artists who were
very persuasive, just loud. And so yeh that
really hurt. And it of course cost me tens of
thousands of dollars, and really years of my
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