Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

value to human beings or to the earth?'
And so, for some people, adding value
might be being a palaeontologist, or being
a marine biologist, and studying dolphins
and aquatic life. If I was not doing what I
am doing now, that’s what I would be do-
ing. With a name like Noah, you want to be
with animals.

So, do you see what I am saying? It’s not all
about the money and it’s not all about
finding a passion per se. But I like to look at
it that way, how do I want to add value to
whatever it is that I am doing? And even if
you are working in a job... if you are work-
ing in a job right now and you are saying
'god I really want to start my own busi-
ness'... How do I want to add value? Be-
cause that’s the only way you are going to
make money, money comes from value, it’s
not the other way around. So, I feel that
that’s a stronger question for someone to

Neil: I think it’s a, it’s flawed advice really
isn't it? Because your passion might be
something that you cannot make money
out of, for a start, which is obviously a bit
of a dead-end.

Noah: So, a good example possibly is like
an artist... you know if I am an artist and I
am painting, that’s my passion, well great
how am I going to make money? So then
having that question, 'well how can I add
value?' That’s going to lead you I think to
ways that you can monetise that, that you
can make money because as I just said,
money comes from perceived value. So, I
think that will enable you to... it’s just a

stronger question to be able to get to your

Neil: Yes, absolutely and I think your 'why'
comes in to it as well, doesn't it? You have
got to have a strong 'why'? Which again I
suppose is the value thing, at the same
time isn't it?

Neil: Noah, what I would like to do now is
to talk about the entrepreneurial journey
a little bit more with you. Is culture im-
portant from the beginning in a business?

Noah: I feel it really is and let me explain
why. Even when I started, it was just me in
my college dorm room many years ago, al-
most two decades now that I have been
doing this online and helping folks and
teaching people.

I realised that the number one most im-
portant thing was customer service. And I
don't know where that idea came from, I
certainly did not invent it, but I just... I had
a knowing inside of me that if I take care of
my customers, they will take care of me.
And as the years went on, I saw how lousy
customer service is on the internet. I mean
it’s just horrendous.

And so, I mean I have been in conversa-
tions with marketers and they say things
like, 'well we are ok with the 50% refund
rate.' And I am like, 'are you insane? I
mean that is the dumbest thing I have ever
heard.' But frankly, they are just making so
much money, they really do not care. And I
am like, 'man that just sucks.' So, I said,
'listen, I am going to take care of my cus-
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