Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

number two that enabled me to reach my
goals, whether it’s in business or health or
weight loss or relationships, whatever it is.
You know enabled me to build me 6, 7 and
8 figure company. And basically, number
three is he told the truth... he told the
truth, he told it like it is, it was not what I
always wanted to hear, but he told the
truth. And that was really sometimes... it
was a hard pill to swallow but I am really
grateful that he did that.

Neil: Noah What is your favourite quote
and how have you applied it?

Noah: My favourite quote is five words
long, and it really is what has guided me all
of these years Neil, online and helping
folks, and that is to 'Give yourself permis-
sion to succeed.' Give yourself permission
to succeed. If you don't give yourself per-
mission to succeed, you will be holding
yourself back from the success you are ca-
pable of.

We call it 'driving down the road of life
with one foot on the brake' And frankly
most people are doing that. And not of
course... they don't mean to do it, they
don't even know they are doing it, they are
not conscious of it. Once you become con-
scious of it and give yourself permission to
succeed, we have seen incredible results
from that, just incredible transformations
in people's lives. So that’s the quote that I
like to live by and like to share with folks.

Neil: That’s great advice that.

Neil: Do you have any favourite online re-

sources you can share with us?

Noah: You know what, this is going to
sound really silly, but my favourite online
resource right now is Facebook. Now I
know that sounds kind of lame, but let me
explain. Number one, I like to see what
people are talking about, you know on Fa-
cebook, of course they are talking about a
billion different things, literally because
there is a billion people. But my point is
that when you look at your newsfeed, you
go... and everybody has their newsfeed
which comes from what your friends are
talking about... I like to see what folks are
talking about, you know, what’s on their

And then Another thing is if you have your
own Facebook group, you can do polls, you
can ask folks what is on their mind or what
would you be interested in? If I came out
with this type of programme, is that some-
thing that you would be interested in?

And then of course, Facebook advertising,
you know, we are using Facebook ads now,
we are just starting with that, I know there
are plenty of people that know a lot more
than I do about Facebook ads, but you
know, having those kind of ads is I am sure
most entrepreneurs know by this point, Fa-
cebook knows everything about you and
me, I mean we are a bunch of data points.
And so that targeting has never existed...
or I should say that level of targeting has
never existed before on planet earth, so it
is very, very powerful. So, I like to use Face-
book both from the personal and what I
just said, just looking at friends and just
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