Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

asking folks. And then of course with that
really unbelievably specific targeting which
you could do. So, I mean as lame as it
sounds, Facebook I think is, is my favourite

Neil: What is your best advice to other en-

Noah: You know it really is to
ask that question "how can I
add value today?" "How can I
add value to my target mar-
ket, to the folks that I want to
serve?" And you can use that
in any area of your life. You
can do that in your personal
life. How can I add value to-
day to my spouse? How can
add value today to my family?
How can I add value today to strangers as I
am walking down the street? And as you
are on Facebook... and how can I just you
know encourage people and inspire peo-
ple, and you know when they are sharing
something about their lives, and say hey
great job Bob, and I am with you Sally, and
congratulations Mary. You know I mean
people need that. It is so simple, it doesn't
cost any money and everybody is dying for
that, is starving for kind of just kind of vali-
dation, attention, recognition. So, the nice
thing for all of us it doesn't cost any mon-
ey, it costs a little bit of time but I think the
rewards will far outweigh what you put in-
to it.

Noah, is there anything else you would like
to add about your business?

Noah: Well as I mentioned, our mission is
to help 10,000 small business owners dou-
ble their performance and profits. And you
know we help small business owners get
unstuck, find their voice and automate
their business, those three main areas. So,
we do help people with inner-games and

So we have got programmes,
courses, mentoring pro-
grammes to help folks with all
of those, whether you think
you know you want
to get unstuck, you want to
find your authentic voice or
you want to just, 'hey auto-
mate my business, reach that
six or seven figure level'.
That’s what we do. And we
have been doing it a long time and hope-
fully we will be doing it a lot more.

Neil: Noah, it’s been an absolute honour
interviewing you, you have shared with us,
so much today with in terms of talking
about the power of habit’s and your
‘afformations’ and why you should have
them and unlimited potential and trans-
forming lives, your story, your views on
customer service, the secrets of success,
and the list goes on. And you have given us
some really great advice, so thank you very
much for the interview.

Noah: Well it’s my honour Neil and thanks
for inviting me today, it was really, really

Neil: You are welcome Noah, thank you.

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