Classic Trucks – November 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1

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by Tim Bernsau TIME


  1. Squeeze Please
    Thinking of adding nitrous to your truck?
    Holley has released NOS Supercharger Injector
    Plate Nitrous Systems, compatible with both
    6-71 and 8-71 Roots-style superchargers. Each
    system includes everything you need in one
    comprehensive kit: a low-profile (½-inch)
    aluminum injector plate, hardline, nozzles, jets,
    studs, gaskets, a fuel block, and detailed, easy-to-
    follow, step-by-step instructions. Holley’s system
    provides 175 additional horsepower with up to
    250 extra horsepower with the proper jetting.
    Injector plates are offered in a black or polished
    finish, and the systems are available either with or
    without a 10-pound nitrous bottle.
    •For more information, contact Holley Performance
    Products at (866) 464-6553 or
    02. Switch to Discs
    One of the best and easiest upgrades many
    enthusiasts make to their classic truck is to improve
    stopping by swapping the old drum brakes to safer and
    reliable disc brakes. A complete disc brake conversion
    kit for ’63-’70 Chevy and GMC C20 pickups is now
    available from Western Chassis. The kit comes with
    everything you need to complete the at-the-wheel
    conversion on your vintage pickup. Features included
    in the package are your choice of 2.5-inch drop or
    stock height spindles, eight-lug rotors, and late-model
    (’71-’87) ball joints and tie-rod ends to make future
    replacements easy.
    •For more information, contact Western Chassis at
    (888) 999-9139 or

  2. Stance Enhancer
    Aldan American has coilover conversion kits to
    improve the stance and handling of a long list of
    specialty cars and trucks, including this new bolt-on
    ’63-’87 Chevrolet C10 truck front coilover kit. The
    American-made C10 conversions come with all you’ll
    need to fully convert your factory front suspension to
    adjustable coilover shocks and springs with POL tubular
    control arms. Choose from single- or double-adjustable
    shocks, allowing 1 to 2 inches of lowering plus spindle
    drop. The kit also comes with 650-pound springs, POL
    upper and lower tubular control arms, upper and lower
    ball joints, brackets, and hardware.
    •For more information, contact Aldan American at
    (310) 834-7478 or

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