Classic Trucks – November 2019

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  1. Keep Cool Fuel
    All-day exposure to sun or excessive heat can
    reduce fuel efficiency, and most race fuel manufacturers
    recommend reducing that kind of exposure. The problem
    is that during racing events, those are the conditions fuel
    is exposed to. Thermal specialist DEI offers a full line of
    reflective fuel can covers designed to ensure longer fuel life
    and performance. The affordable fuel can covers are made
    from lightweight, reflective material with Velcro flaps for a
    secure fit and sewn-in pull tabs for quick and easy removal.
    Six popular sizes are available, from various 5-gallon
    container covers up to 54-gallon drum covers.
    •For more information, contact DEI at
    (800) 264-9472 or

  2. Spray Ceramic
    The benefits of ceramic coating are well known to builders in this hobby, but
    some have felt that the technology was too costly and difficult to be accessible.
    Now Mothers Polish introduces CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, easy-to-
    use, consumer-oriented product. The revolutionary formula offers a unique blend of
    SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and TiO2 (titanium dioxide) for super-hydrophobic protection.
    For non-chemistry majors, that translates to ultra-durable, long-term protection,
    protection from the elements, and superior water beading for a deep, ceramic,
    glossy, glass-like finish. CMX Ceramic Spray Coating is available online and at
    major auto parts retailers.
    •For more information, contact Mothers Polish at (714) 891-3364 or

  3. Beat the Heat

To put it simply, there are only two things you need

to ensure that your classic truck runs cool: keep the fluid

moving and keep the air moving. Derale Performance is

committed to that solution with the introduction of the

new 13764 Hyper-Cool remote fluid cooler, designed as the

ultimate solution to the problem of component failure due to

excessive heat. Cooling is accomplished with the combination

of an 8-inch IP68 certified weatherproof electric fan and

Derale’s Series 10000 25-row stack plate cooler. Reliable

fluid temperature control will help keep your engine or

transmission fluids at optimal operating temperatures.

•For more information, contact Derale Performance at

(323) 266-3850 or

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