Drum – 22 August 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1


HAT a difference a
day makes. When
she woke up on
Wom en’s Day it
was with butter-
flies in her stom-
ach and a dream
in her heart. Fast
forward 24 hours and Zozibini Tunzi
finds herself in a luxury hotel suite, the
woman of the moment, her beautiful
face plastered all over newspapers and
news sites.
She’s also become an overnight social
media sensation.
“Waking up as Miss South Africa
meant waking up to 44 000 [new] Insta-
gram followers, which is insane, but I
guess it shows just how big a platform
this is,” the newly crowned beauty queen
tells DRUM from her suite in The Maslow
hotel at Time Square, Pretoria. “I think
that was when it first dawned on me how
much my life has changed.”
The 25-year-old is wearing a crisp
white robe after having her makeup
done. Zozi, as she’s affectionately known,
has been up since 5am with her team,
including pageant coach Werner Wes-
sels, preparing for a full day of engage-
Her shoes from last night’s pageant
lie strewn on the floor as she sips a cup
of tea, Pretoria spread out through the
windows behind her.
It’s a long way from the tiny village of
Tsolo where she grew up, she admits.
“It’s very strange. I’m just a girl from
theEastern Cape. I really didn’t think I’d
makeit,but I somehow always knew my
lifewould be better. Everything is finally
It wasa case of second time lucky for
Zozi,who entered Miss South Africa in
2017,the year Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
tookthe crown. Zozi only made it as
farasthe top 26 but instead of being
discouraged she saw it as a stepping
stone to try again.
And this time there was no stop-
ping her. Outgoing Miss SA Tama-
ryn Green placed the crown on Zo-
zi’s head as she shimmered and
dazzled in a silver gown by local
designer Anel Botha.
But one aspect of Zozi’s look
was dramatically different to her
first Miss SA outing: instead of a
weave she came out loud and
proud with her short, natural

Zozibini, who is already
making her mark as
Miss SA, with her proud
parents, Philiswa and
Lungisa Tunzi.



New Miss SA Zozi Tunzi shares her joy

at winning, and tells us why she’s proud

of her natural hair

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