Farmer’s Weekly – 23 August 2019

(Kiana) #1

1 9 6 2

5 7 1 6

3 5 9

4 6 1

6 3 4 7

9 1


5 2

1 4 8 3

1 6 4

8 5

8 1 7 2

3 5 6

4 5 8

3 1

9 3 6

2 1 4

HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that each row and column,
as well as each of the 3 x 3 squares, contains all the digits from 1 to 9.
Look out for the answers to this week’s Sudoku puzzles on next week’s Crossword page.

medium difficult



Let’s hope the TV channels never go on strike!

My bakkie’s licence expired
on 31 July. I went to our local
municipal office to renew
it – only to discover that the
employees were on strike
and behind locked doors.
According to the renewal
notice, I had three weeks’
grace before facing the
possibility of being fined
by the traffic police. But
I couldn’t find anyone to

advise me when the strike
was likely to be over.
If it extended beyond
the grace period and I was
stopped by the police, would
they believe that I had tried
to renew my licence but
wasn’t able to? Not likely.
Yet another example of
municipal inefficiency.
The roads department is
no better. I complained to an

official there about the state of
our local roads, with potholes
so deep they could cause a
life-endangering blowout
or a wrecked suspension.
The answer I received was
they didn’t have the funds
to effect repairs. We all
know the parlous state of
our economy, but surely
road safety is a priority?
When having my bakkie
serviced last week I was told
that the tie-rod ends had to be
replaced, a problem caused by
potholes and corrugations.
“Yours is the third set
we’ve replaced this month,”
said the mechanic.
The roads are affecting
the parlous state of
my own economy!
At least I have TV
to take my mind off
these troubles. I recently
enjoyed watching the
Women’s British Open
Golf, which was won by
20-year- old Hinako Shibuno

ofJapanwitha finalscore
of-18. South Africa’s Ashleigh
Buhai was a mere four
shots behind, heralding a
wonderful future for her. I
certainly intend following
her career, which will surely
lead to fame and fortune.
My day was made complete
by a thrilling Hungarian F1
Grand Prix. The race saw a
tightly fought duel between
Belgian-Dutch driver Max
Verstappen and Briton
Lewis Hamilton, which
finally ended with the latter
overtaking his competitor in
the second-last lap. Phew!
“You’re cross-eyed, Townie,”
neighbour Jan observed
over morning coffee on my
stoep. “You’ve been watching
too much TV again!”
All I could do was nod
sheepishly in agreement!

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