Motorcycle Mojo – September 2019

(C. Jardin) #1

increase in intensity as you lean the

bike over, thus directing light into the

apex of a turn.

Some Things Stay the Same


orange tubular steel-trellis frame as the

Super Duke R while retaining the same

steering geometry, which is matched

with a 1,482 mm wheelbase. The GT has

a longer, stronger rear subframe versus

the R version to give a passenger extra

space and thus greater long-distance

comfort via lower footrests. This feature


specially designed hard panniers. The

2-into-1 exhaust’s right-side silencer

is also mounted lower that on the R

version to make room for these.

Settle aboard the GT’s quite tall

835 mm seat, which delivers a pretty

spacious riding position with the

footrests set quite to the rear so that

your toes don’t touch the ground at

reasonable lean angles; nor do your

legs get cramped when riding for long

stretches. That sense of spaciousness is

extended by the wide one-piece handle-

bar mounted on the upper triple-clamp,

which delivers a commanding riding

position via any of the four positions the


yields a more upright and much more

relaxed stance than on the Super Duke R.

The specially designed hand guards,

which are unique to the GT, gave

extra protection to my hands on a chill

autumn morning and the three-stage


as before, now have the wiring com-


hydraulically operated clutch levers

are adjustable. “The hand guards were

aerodynamically developed for the

GT because it’s such a fast bike,” says



handlebar can be a real problem at

speed, so it’s critical to have properly


they look really nice, too.” Form follows


Must-Have Accessories

The test bike’s heated seat was

super-comfortable and looked good,

a big improvement over the outgoing

bike when I swapped between the two.


Ergo Seat and its pillion counterpart

are on the GT’s list of 50-odd dedicated

aftermarket accessories. Really, the Ergo

Seat is so comfortable that it’d be a false

economy not to opt for it, and the same

goes for those eminently practical hard

bags, each of which hold a full-face


that with the luggage removed, there’s

no ugly frame left in open view: the

steel mounting system is very discreet

and doesn’t detract from the bike’s



6.5-inch TFT dash, which is both

aesthetically pleasing and functionally

effective. Swapping to the outgoing

model showed its analog tach and

LCD speedo to be downright retro.

The TFT version’s full-colour screen is

visible in direct sunlight and features

a choice of layouts, one street-focused

and the other for track use. I love the

way the tach reading changes colour

as revs rise, going from pink through

red to scarlet and then crimson as the

engine nears the 10,500 rpm rev limiter,

which is 500 revs higher than before.


menus and other functions is done via

an illuminated menu switch found on

the left handlebar. The cruise control

switch also has been repositioned on

the left for greater convenience rather

than being on the right.

Semi-Active Suspension

The new uprated GT features a


suspension with three riding modes

Pannier mount points are discreet so the bike still looks good with the side cases removed.

The Ergo seat is highly recommended for added long distance comfort for rider and passenger.
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