Scale Auto – October 2019

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From one enthusiast to another

I come to Scale Auto with a long history of modeling. Like many of you, I
picked up the modeling itch from a parent. The parent in question was my
dad, who had four passions: wooden ships, dollhouse furniture, trains, and
cars. When it came to painting cars, he was an old-school enamels guy.
Dad’s ability to hand-paint perfect gloss coats with a
brush amazed and frustrated me as a kid. No matter
how much patience, no matter how much coaching, I
could never get the feel for the paint he had. Dad knew,
instinctually it seemed, when the humidity and
temperature were right for painting. And then he made a
point of getting in and doing the job. As an adult, I
realize why he had a thermometer, barometer, and a
dehumidifier in his den. Although, how he decoded the
information continues to baff le me.
I still can’t paint enamels with a brush like he could, but I picked up a lot
of other modeling skills from him. And I’ve learned more than I could ever
relate from reading modeling magazines and books, internet sites, and
talking to fellow modelers.
Our purpose at Scale Auto remains to replicate that nexus, to be the hub
where you come to learn new skills from fellow modelers, see what’s
happening in the modeling world, and to be entertained.
In those conversations I mentioned earlier, many of you have told me you
want to see the hobby grow. You’re interested in helping new modelers enter
the hobby. So are we, and Scale Auto intends to be a champion for our hobby.
For what it’s worth, I harbor no preconceptions about one car brand or
make over another. I don’t prefer customs to muscle cars or gassers to
dragsters. I have a passion for modeling. I’m open to the new. And I’m on the
hunt for cool. But all of that in service to our readers — current and future.
I think we’ve hit the mark with the Tailgate Special.
Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Tim Kidwell •

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in April, I’ve had many converstations with model-industry
leaders, our contributors, and you, our supportive readers.

Tim Kidwell
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