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10 march 2015

Next Camaro Mooted for Oz

neither is currently engineered for
right-hand drive. We’d place our
bets on the next-generation Camaro,
due for a late-2015 or early-
debut in its US homeland, appearing
Down Under, rather than the more
expensive and exclusive Corvette.
A large portion of the current
Camaro’s development work took
place locally at Holden’s Lang
Lang proving ground, and Jacoby
told media that engineering mules
for GM’s new coupe are currently
undergoing similar testing, and that
Holden will have a significant role to
play in the design and engineering
of the new model.
Holden’s importance in the GM
family was graphically evident at


OLDEN will still have a V
in showrooms post-

  • that was the message
    coming loud and clear from
    General Motors’ senior executives at
    the recent Detroit Motor Show.
    GM’s executive vice president of
    international operations, Stefan
    Jacoby, confirmed to Australian
    media that a V8-powered
    sports coupe will appear in local
    showrooms in 2018, shortly after
    Holden ceases local manufacturing.
    While Jacoby would not be drawn
    on specifics, he confirmed that it
    would be a global model. While
    GM currently has two rear-drive
    V8 sports cars in its portfolio,
    Chevrolet’s Camaro and Corvette,

New V8 Coupe for Oz and Commodore name to continue

Detroit, with both The General’s big
reveals, the Chevrolet Bolt electric
city car and Buick Avenir large
sedan concepts, designed and built
in Australia. Holden is one of only
two Advanced Design Studios in the
GM world (the other being Detroit)
that can design and fabricate a
concept car from scratch.
The next-generation Camaro is
likely to be a very different beast
from the current model, however.
While the current car is built on
a shortened version of the Zeta
platform that underpins the
Commodore, the next Camaro will
be based on GM’s new scalable
Alpha platform.
Spy shots have revealed the new




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