(Darren Dugan) #1



Black is go
IT won’t arrive any time soon,
but AMG boss Tobias Moers
has confirmed a hardcore
‘Black Series’ variant of
the new GT supercar will
arrive later in its life cycle.
Before that, however, we’ll
see a convertible version
as well as a lighter, sharper
‘GT3’ version, which will sit
halfway between the regular
car and the Black. Moers
suggested to Autocar that
the GT3 will have around
410kW, with the Black Series
set to be more powerful
again. The regular GT is set
to land in Australia in June.

Morgan all
clear for Oz
MORGAN’S mad 3-Wheeler
is now available in Australia,
following a long and
difficult battle to gain local
compliance. Due to being
classified as a car, rather than
a bike as in its native UK,
the ‘M3W’ had to undergo
extensive changes in order
to pass the strict Australian
Design Rules. These included
changes to the lights,
electronics, induction system
and roll-over protection.
Being a ‘car’, it also qualifies
for luxury car tax, hence
the retail price being set
at $90,000. Despite the
steep price of entry, Morgan
currently holds around 500
expressions of interest.

New NSX concept
first appeared in 2007
before being cancelled
due to the global
financial crisis; project
was revived in 2012

High-strength steel, aluminium and
carbon-fibre all used to in attempt to
keep weight down.

New NSX developed entirely in
the US, benchmarked against
458, 12C, 911 Turbo.


Electric motor on each front
wheel allows for precise
and independent torque

No capacity has yet
been announced
for the V6, nor has
any power output.
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