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18 march 2015




fastest SUV ever to lap the famed
German track with a time of eight
minutes and 14 seconds.
The new Turbo S smashes that
with a time of 7:59.74, which puts
it within a whisker of the 996
GT3, which became Porsche’s first
regular production car to break the
eight-minute barrier back in 1999.
That’s progress for you.
Its circuit prowess is partly down
to its enormous brake package, with
420mm carbon-ceramic discs and
10-piston (yes, 10!) calipers up front
and 370mm discs and four-piston
calipers at the rear. The chassis, too,
benefits from the latest technology,
with PDCC active roll stabilisation
and torque-vectoring helping keep
everything pointed in the right
Cosmetic changes include 21-inch
wheels in a 911 Turbo design and
active LED headlights. The Cayenne

Turbo S lands in Australia in the
second quarter of 2015 priced at
$284,700, and we’ll let you know
what it’s like from behind the wheel
next month. M


ORSCHE has released its
most potent Cayenne yet,
the new range-topping
Turbo S. Unveiled at the
Detroit Motor Show, the new Turbo
S shares its 4.8-litre twin-turbo V
with the regular Cayenne Turbo, but
lifts outputs to 419kW/800Nm, a
51kW/100Nm improvement over the
standard Turbo and 15kW/50Nm
more than the previous generation
Turbo S.
This slashes the 0-100km/h time
to a faintly ludicrous 4.1sec and lifts
top speed to 284km/h, which is
probably as fast as you really want
to go in something that weighs the
best part of 2.2 tonnes. For the first
time in memory, Porsche has also
claimed a Nürburgring lap time for
the Cayenne Turbo S, which may
or may not have something to do
with Range Rover bleating about its
forthcoming Sport SVR being the

New Cayenne Turbo S is the SUV that can hound a 996 911 GT

‘Quick as a GT3’

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