(Darren Dugan) #1



The long
lost 300SL
Cars take us to unusual
places. But do they take us
to countries known for frozen
car importing laws? Rarely,
unless your Piotr Degler.
Degler, an accomplished
car photographer, took to
Cuba to fill a calendar with
the quirky car culture of its
streets, which got a lot more
interesting once he heard an
abandoned Mercedes-Benz
300SL existed. Where exactly
he didn’t know, but 3000km
later and with two days left
of his visit, Degler discovered
the 300SL under a banana
tree. With the car fetching
ludicrous money today, it’s
noble Degler only captured
the ruined legend on camera.

Hyundai had its updated
Veloster on display at
the Detroit Auto Show.
The Veloster did preview
a tweaked look, slightly
changing the colour of the
grill trim, but the real news
was tucked deep out of
sight – a new twin-clutch
transmission. The seven-
speed unit was revealed early
last year but it hadn’t been
confirmed for sport models
until now. It will replace the
Veloster Turbo’s current
six-speed automatic. The
Veloster will also feature a
new engine sound equaliser
that will allow drivers to
toggle between six different
engine soundtracks.


RISBANE physio Paul
McCormack fell off his chair
when the email arrived
from MOTOR HQ advising
him to sell his beloved but tired
1999 WRX. He needed to make
space in his garage for a new MkVII
Golf GTI – and it was either the
WRX or his treasured piles of old
MOTOR mags. He’s been a reader
since he was a teenager, you see.
Yep, Paul’s the lucky winner of our
Golf GTI giveaway and living proof
that we don’t make this stuff up.
Paul’s a deserving winner, too, not
just because he’s a likeable, down-
to-earth bloke but because he loves
his performance cars. His first was
a Suzuki Swift GTi, then an N
Pulsar SSS, before ending up with

the WRX. Winning brownie points
with the MOTOR crew, Paul’s never
owned an auto in his life.
“An auto is going to take some
getting used to,” he said.
“I just can’t believe I won this,”
he added. “The only thing I’ve ever
won is a meat tray so to win this...
it’s one of the best things that’s
ever happened to me.”
We made Paul promise he’d put
many spritely kays on the GTI
And if your subscription renewal is
coming up, or you don’t have one at
all, get on board. Not only will you
score 12 cracking mags, produced
truly lovingly by your mates at
MOTOR, but we’ve got something
good coming. Trust us. M

MOTOR subscriber Paul McCormack is Brisbane’s happiest bloke

‘I won something!’

Paul McCormack bought
a MOTOR subscription
and a Golf GTI fell out
of the envelope. Sort of.
Congrats, Paul, and to all
those who entered. Give it
the berries for us, mate!
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