(Darren Dugan) #1


While we’re talking
engines, we recall some
of the fi nest donks ever
bolted together by our
local gurus

7 Ed’s Letter
Why we need America’s fast cars
10 Front End
Holden’s future plans, the NSX returns, the new
GT3 RS, modifi ed ’Stangs and the next Veyron

20 The Vent
Type out your dramas and send ’em to us

22 Sweet Dream
An HSV given the ultimate track treatment

24 First Drives
An Enzo-beating electric sedan, hardcore city
car, and birthday gifts from BMW and Peugeot

46 War ’Vette
GM has added its own supercar to the world
stable with the 485kW Corvette Z

54 Erasing Tenths
We head back to school with a 991 GT3 to learn
how to drive faster

60 Apex Predators
Renault’s Megane Trophy-R up against hot hatch
royalty, the Mercedes A45 AMG

86 Future of Nat-Atmo
Is there any hope for atmo engines in a world of
turbocharging? MOTOR has the answers

96 Hell Bent
A Bentley Continental on steroids proves GT
racing is not only for supercars
104 Blind Enthusiasm
Cockburn meets someone with a love for cars
that transcends the senses

110 The Audi Porsche Built
Audi’s fi rst RS model , an 80 wagon on steroids,
was also one of its maddest

116 Geek Speak
Formula One 2015: all you need to know

118 Cool Kit
Another suite that’ll empty your pockets
121 It’s Tempting
A shouty Italian and a muscled-up HSV wagon

122 Garage
Long hauling with a Renault Sport Clio

124 Chart Attack
What cracked or was craved this month?

127 David Morley
On being wrong about a few things
129 Curt Dupriez
A boxy goal crossed off his bucket list

131 James Stanford
About a machine that possesses heart and soul

133 Hot Source
Fast numbers on fast cars

146 Final Nine
The best motorsport liveries


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