(Darren Dugan) #1
8 march 2015

Alive and screamin’

together clips of our three natural-
breathing heroes clearing their
mighty throats and hoisted them
Don’t scoff at the thought of
phone camera footage, though,
the raw wail of an LFA firing on all
10, at 9000rpm, kind of makes up
for it.
But even if you do find this
month’s magazine tribute to these
supercars satisfying enough


he word is mighty. But
would you pass on
a visit to the sistine
chapel because you
read a detailed book about it?
Didn’t think so. And we think
experiencing the sound made
by an Italian V12 can sometimes
benefit from more than just
adjective and synonym.
That’s why, thanks to the modern
day smartphone, we’ve put

Video: watch our free-beathing superstars belt their lungs out online

there’s still plenty of reasons to
visit MOTOR HQ on the web.
All the cars worth salivating over
at the Detroit Auto Show are there
and fresh news (on beasts like the
McLaren P1 GTR and new Audi R8)
leading up to the Geneva Motor
Show (March 5-15) have us busy
keeping you updated.
And, of course, there’s an
extra four juicy reasons to head
online over the next page... M
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