Hi-Fi World – September 2019

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Visitors to the High End show in Munich might have spotted Pro-Ject's
conservatively-smart X-1 and X-2 turntables generating interest on the Pro-
Ject stand. Said spinners have now reached these shores, where they will sell
for £599 and £999 respectively.
The X1 is billed as “a cutting-edge
turntable that brings high-end analogue technologies to
a more affordable price-point”. Its heavyweight MDF plinth houses
the speed-control board (33/45/78rpm) that drives the suspended motor.
The latter’s pulley drives a purpose-made Acryl platter via a sub-platter sitting on
a premium-grade main bearing. The X1’s super-stiff 8.6in. tonearm features carbon/
aluminium sandwich construction. Paying £699 secures an X1 pre-installed with
Pro-Ject Pick-IT S2 MM cartridge.
The X2 features a similar speed-control system but with more substantial
MDF plinth claimed to reduce “unwanted resonances to almost imperceptible
levels”. There are three height-adjustable feet and a wider-tube 9in. tonearm with
“accurate azimuth and VTA settings”. The X2 ships ready-to-play with Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge, but a version without is £100 less.
Contact: Henley Audio, 01235 511166. http://www.henleyaudio.co.uk.


email:[email protected]

Since the early 1980s, Naim’s NAIT integrated amplifiers have been appreciated
for their no-nonsense design and a presentation that’s powerful and musical.
Naim’s basic principles have not changed over the years, but the tech certainly has. In the NAIT XS
(£2,199) and SUPERNAIT 3 (£3,499) Naim has recognised the surge of interest in vinyl and built in phono stages as standard.
They say these phono stages are “based on classic Naim designs and crafted from superior components, expertly measured and batch-selected
for optimum consistency and quality”.
The power amplifier sections have, meanwhile, been upgraded for “greater pace...while retaining their musical performance”.
Other features common to both new models include Class A headphone amplifiers, an ALPS ‘Blue Velvet’ volume control, reed-relay
input-selection (four line inputs using phono and DIN sockets), ceramic insulators for the power transistors, a galvanically-isolated micropro-
cessor-controlled section and microphony-isolating PCB mounts.
Exclusive to the SUPERNAIT 3 are Naim’s 24V ‘Discrete Regulator’
module powering the pre-amp, a larger toroidal mains transformer in
the power supply, more through-hole components in the signal path,
hand-wired chassis-mounted input sockets and a balance control.
Naim Audio’s Charlie Henderson claims the new NAITs are “the best-
sounding integrated amplifiers Naim has produced – now with added love
for vinyl!”.
Contact: Naim Audio, 01722 426600. http://www.naimaudio.com

It may have been in an advanced state of planning, but the London-
based Festival of Sound will no longer be taking place this year owing to
“economic and political uncertainty”. Or, as the website puts it, 2019 will be
a “fallow year”.
Once known as the ‘Indulgence Show’, the enjoyable Hammersmith
event combined live music, demos and lectures as well as showcasing a full
gamut of gear enabling music to be enjoyed both at home and on the move.
The Festival of Sound has now been rescheduled for 2020 and organiser
Vernon Hamblin hopes that it will be “bigger, bolder and better” than before.

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