Design Engineering – March-April 2019

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More Productivity for less!
The Productivity Series of controllers provides a scalable controls
solution with three low-cost hardware platforms and one
FREE, powerful programming package. Write a program in one
controller and easily port to another so that no matter the
application, big or small, Productivity has the I/O, communications
and aff ordability you need.

Getting started with Productivity has
never been easier or more aff ordable. The
Productivity1000 starter kit has everything
you need to get a jump start on your
next project including PLC with CPU, I/O
modules and power supply, connectors,
programming cable, and much more.

Starter Kit

Getting started with Productivity has


  • Expansive 50MB of user memory with tag name addressing for custom
    memory allocation

  • Scalable product offering capable of handling large control systems with
    thousands of I/O points (up to 59,840 I/O points possible) down to simple
    applications with minimal I/O and tight budget constraints

  • Numerous onboard communication ports to meet in-house and on-site
    network requirements with Modbus, ASCII and EtherNet/IP™ support

  • Access to remote installations using integrated web server and/or mobile app

  • Built-in data logging up to 32GB

  • Real-time data displays (on select CPUs and analog modules)

Add moreProductivityProductivity to your next project

with advanced, low-cost controllers from AutomationDirect

FREE Productivity Suite tag-based programming
software with projects that easily convert from
one hardware platform to another

Dozens of How-To PLC videos also available
to help you get up and running fast:

ProduPrPrPrPrPrPrododododod ctctivityivitySeries

Productivity3000 CPU
starting at

Productivity2000 CPU
priced at

Productivity1000 CPU
priced at





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  • Real-time data displays (on select CPUs and analog modules)

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