Canadian Living – September 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1

from the editors

Fresh Starts is our main coverline this issue because—despite
what calendar makers, astrology books and organizing arti-
cles tell us—we all know that September is really the month
that means renewal, refreshment and reinvention. Perhaps
it harks back to our school days, when pristine notebooks,
crayons and, potentially, a bedazzled pencil case marked the
onset of a season full of possibilities. Add to that a roster of
new classmates and the unveiling of the latest fall fashions
and we had an opportunity presented to us every year to
become a whole new version of ourselves.
That sense of beginning anew at this time of year is no
less impactful in the later stages of our lives. We still feel
a (sometimes) subtle nudge during the last days of August
that stirs us into looking past Labour Day toward a revved
up autumn. With the turn of the air from sultry to crisp we
are likewise impelled to action.

To celebrate the transition, we’re presenting stories that
help keep you sorted—and stylish. For example, we’ll tell
you how to corral your paperwork in “Paper Pushers,” page
46, and maintain your appliances (“Clean Sweep,” page 68),
how to feed a family all week—fast!—in our regular What’s
For Dinner? feature on page 76 and the easiest way to get
glowing, hydrated skin (“Cheat Sheets,” page 30) so you can
present your best face forward....In your new fall fashions
(see our picks on page 35), of course.



First peek at fall’s fashion trends:
Double-breasted blazers are
back...with attitude. See more
of the new season’s best looks
starting on page 35.
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