Canadian Living – September 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1

Hong Kong Hustle
If you’re after the unique energy of a
world-class urban centre, Hong Kong
does not disappoint. From the iconic
neon signage to plenty of Michelin-
starred food picks to art-focused public
spaces, Hong Kong offers up much to do
and see. Make sure to eat at the Anthony
Bourdain-approved Tung Po for dinner,
and spend some time in Tai Kwun, an
art-centre-meets-shopping-venue that
used to be a police barracks.


Day Tripping to

Lamma Island
While known for its cityscape,
Hong Kong is also home to plenty
of verdant outdoor excursions.
A day trip to Lamma Island, off the
southwest coast of Hong Kong
Island, is a must to experience a
more relaxed side of life here. Take
the 40-minute ferry ride and, upon
exiting, wander around Yung Shu
Wan, a colourful fishing village
with restaurants that offer the
freshest seafood. Then, hike the
easy Lamma Island Family Walk,
stopping at its outlook posts for
that perfect snapshot. Keen to
spend your day trip relaxing? One
of the quietest beaches in Hong
Kong, Lo So Shing Beach, is a
serene escape on the island.


Dining^ family^
style^ is^ the^ norm
in^ Hong^ Kong.^
Take^ advantage
of^ sharing^ dishes^
with^ your^ fellow
travellers^ and^
offer^ your^
taste^ buds^ lots^
of^ new^ flavours.
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