Fast Car – September 2019

(Barré) #1

When the covers came off

at Goodwood, the crowds were

uniformly agog at the respective

splendours that greeted them

Defining car culture 015

So, do we have a winner here? Sure, it’s the... er, we’d have to pick the, um... ah, sod it, they’re both
winners aren’t they? Two incredible and genre-busting builds, crafted in the spirit of friendly rivalry
by two people eager to make sure everything was done properly. But do YOU have a favourite? If
so, head on over to and lodge your vote. The winner will be announced in next
month’s magazine...

wanted to create something with a knowing nod to the
RS hardcore – that’s why he opted to paint it in modern
Renaultsport Liquid Yellow, and add the Clio RS 200 spoiler,
it’s the sort of GT Turbo that Renault would build if the car
was still in production today.
“My first and second cars were Renault 5s, and I’d always
had an itch to build one properly,” Tom explains. “In my
search to find a decent base for this project, this car turned
up on eBay. It was poorly, but at the price I thought it was
worth the chance to start a cool project. How wrong I was!”
What arrived on the trailer was a mint green period survivor,
resplendent in old-school widebody kit and... a few surprises
hidden underneath. It wasn’t just owners winding up the boost
that killed these cars, they do like to rot pretty enthusiastically
too. But Tom’s not the doomy type. He simply rolled up his
sleeves, made a few phone calls, and got stuck in.
“I was originally going to restore one back to factory,
but when this car came up my ’90s boy racer came flooding
back,” he laughs. “It would have been easy to ‘Ali G’ the car,
but I feared doing that would have been short-term cool,
and I wanted something that would be a proper car for years

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