Fast Car – September 2019

(Barré) #1
defi ning car culture 005

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Tom V Dale 012
We take a closer look at Tom’s R5 GTT and Dale’s
Mercedes W114.

Players Classic 020
It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for: welcome
to glorious Goodwood and Players Classic 2019!

Goodwood FOS 093
We head back to West Sussex for the second
time in as many weeks, but by Jove it was worth
it. Especially if you’re into your motorsport...

Product of the Month 041
Products 042
Detailing Test 045
Lifestyle 046





Porsche 997 Turbo 086
What do you do to Porsche’s big-power and
girthy 997? Well you add more power and even
more width, of course.

Front End 007
Want to catch up on the latest car-related news,
and fi nd out what’s hot this month? Well you’ve
come to the right place.

Top 10... 033
... Interiors! We compile our top fi ve favourite
seats and top fi ve dashes. But do you agree with
our choices?

DIY Day Jobs 062
It’s a wheely good one this issue, as we show
you how to change your steering wheel.

Portfolio 049
Not one, but two sexy images.

Subscriptions 072
Want the magazine earlier, cheaper and without
the hassle of leaving your house? Job done.

Staff Rides 077
The waiting is over: we reveal who won the fi rst
Ed to Ed challenge and fi nd out the next one!

Arse End 096
We don’t actually know how Midge fi nds time to
write this section. As you can see, he’s been on
holiday AGAIN!

Next Month 098
We look into our crystal ball and can see a blue
Bora and a RB20DET-powered pickup.

Subaru Impreza 026
We love lots of things about Thailand. Tom Yum
soup for one, and this insane wide-arched
Scooby another.

BMW E36 054
Not your usual E36 drifter. This one is packing
Mercedes-Benz power, diesel power...

Toyota GT86 066
As prices go down, their popularity goes up. And
you can see why when they look this good!
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