Fast Car – September 2019

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defi ning car culture 007

Honda’s Type R sub-brand has always sat at the
very core of tuner culture, with these honed and
pared-back performance machines effectively being
sold pre-modifi ed from the factory. Ever since the
early days of the EK9 Civic and NSX-R, that little red
badge has signifi ed the best possible versions of what
these Hondas can be. And naturally the aftermarket
has always embraced these cars with open arms, as
they’re just so damned tuneable.
The current-generation FK8 Civic Type R is an
absolute lunatic straight from the forecourt – we’re
talking 306bhp, 295lb.ft, 0-62 in 4.9s, and a near-
unbelievable top speed of 169mph. To view this

car as merely a starting point takes a special kind of
crazy, but looking at the photos here you can see that
craziness creates great art. What’s happened here is
that Honda themselves provided two pre-production
Civics to a couple of tuners and gave them free rein
to create their own interpretation of the breed. The
fi rst, built by Ralph Hosier Engineering, is called
‘Project OveRland’, and has reimagined the hot hatch
as some kind of sand dune-jumping Dakar racer.
It’s got a three-inch lift kit, custom trailing arms and
transverse links, and massive knobbly BF Goodrich
tyres. A real Civic rally car!
The second car was built by Team Dynamics
Motorsport. These are the guys behind the Halfords
Yuasa Racing BTCC team, so they know a thing or
two about making Civics quicker. Their road-legal
special combines off-the-shelf and bespoke tuning
parts to create the ultimate Type R: a Superchips
remap, ITG induction, PWR intercooler, Dream
Automotive sport cat and Scorpion exhaust elevate
power to 400bhp and 369lb.ft. The chassis benefi ts
from Eibach springs, adjustable ARBs and camber
arms, lightweight Team Dynamics wheels and
sticky Dunlop DZ03G track day tyres. Looks pretty
sensational too, doesn’t it?
It’s amazing how different the two teams have
made the same platform, and they’ve basically
created the perfect two-car garage: one Civic for
pootling to the shops and occasional hardcore track
use, and another for mud-plugging and surviving the
apocalypse. It’s genius, frankly.



Now that’s a SUV
we would drive

A road going BTCC car
created by Team Dynamics
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