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SUSANNAH Constantine has revealed
how her anxiety would get so bad she
would pray that her car would be hit
by a lorry to end her pain.
The television presenter and Femail col-
umnist said she started experiencing
mental health issues when she was a
youngster but kept the condition a secret.
She told ITV’s This Morning that at her
worst, she ‘would pray that my car would
be driven into by a lorry or something, so
that I could put an end to it all’.
The fashion expert added: ‘But it was
just a thought that flashed through my
mind... That is over-dramatic but it was at
that moment something [to] take the
pain away and then it would go.’
She said: ‘I kept it in because for me it was
a very personal thing. I now look at it as a
haunting. I look at it as the ghost of anxiety
has come to visit me and it’s going to pass. I
use it as a motivator now.’
The star, 57, who rose to fame on BBC show
What Not To Wear, said she still experiences
anxiety and had woken up that morning
‘with a snowball in my stomach’. It’s now
starting to melt. Usually by 11am, 12pm it’s
gone and I’m okay,’ she said. Miss Constan-
tine said she believes her depression stems
from the fact that her mother had bipolar
disorder while she was growing up.
She said: ‘I would wake up every morn-
ing scared of how she would be today.
There was that feeling of uncertainty.’

Mortgage boss assaulted rail worker after

missing train to his 55th birthday party

Drunk: Simon Checkley, 55

A DRUNKEN mortgage broker
grabbed a railway worker and
shouted homophobic abuse
when he missed a train to get
to his birthday party, a court
was told.
Simon Checkley demanded to be
let through a ticket barrier at
King’s Cross station after turning
up too late for the train back to
his £1.5million home.
Furious, the father-of-four, 55,
shouted, ‘Your system is b**ks’,
prompting station worker Luke
Leach to tell him off for being
‘hostile and rude’.
Checkley, 55, replied: ‘Your serv-
ice is c
. What’s your name? I’m
going to take a picture.’
CCTV showed Checkley taking
out his phone and telling Mr Leach
to ‘smile for the picture’. He then
asked to see Mr Leach’s name tag

before grabbing the train worker’s
left arm, saying: ‘Come here.’
Mr Leach said: ‘Don’t touch me.
That’s assault.’ Checkley replied:
‘I bet you really want a f******
fight you little gay boy.’
The broker also shouted repeat-
edly: ‘Any time, any place. We’ll
see what happens.’
Mr Leach said the incident left
him feeling ‘really angry’.
Checkley, who runs his own bro-
kerage, pleaded guilty at City of
London Magistrates’ Court on
Tuesday to assaulting Mr Leach
on May 3.
The court heard that Checkley
had been drinking wine to cele-
brate his 55th birthday and the
20th anniversary of the creation of
his mortgage business at Lincoln’s
Inn Fields in central London. Jen-

nifer Gatland, prosecuting, said
Mr Leach saw him trying to get
through a barrier to catch a train,
and heard him shouting out: ‘Oi,
staff, let me out.’
She added: ‘The defendant was
told there was no need to be rude,
and when he repeated that he
wanted to be let out he was
informed that his behaviour was
hostile and rude.’ Checkley admit-

ted to police that he had been
drinking when he was detained at
the station, but claimed that he
had only touched Mr Leach’s arm
and denied making any homopho-
bic comments.
Aisling Byrnes, representing
Checkley, said he was ‘mortified

and deeply sorry’ about the inci-
dent, and could not remember
using any abusive language.
She added: ‘He accepts he was
frustrated and admits he might
have been abrupt and was repri-
manded by Mr Leach.
‘Mr Checkley was being told off
and he escalated things.’
Miss Byrnes said the incident
was ‘heated on both sides’.
She added: ‘He has worked hard
all his life and is used to good
behaviour and good manners.
‘He is not someone who is regu-
larly inebriated. He is a law-abid-
ing man who lost his temper.’
She added that he was ‘ashamed
to miss the birthday party because
he was in police custody’. Check-
ley, of Datchworth, Hertfordshire,
was told to pay a £500 fine, £350 in
costs and court fees, and £
compensation to the victim.

By Arthur Martin

‘Not regularly

RAPPER Busta Rhymes
was met by police at
Heathrow Airport after
an altercation with fel-
low first-class passen-
gers on a British Airways
flight from New York.
The US rapper, pic-
tured, – real name
Trevor George Smith Jr

  • had become ‘agitated,
    aggressive and rude’ during an argu-
    ment with a female passenger over bag-
    gage in the overhead compartments.
    ‘Busta saw that this woman had put her
    luggage in his section of the overhead
    locker,’ an unnamed passenger said. ‘He
    began shouting and behaving extremely
    aggressively and the woman began cry-
    ing. Her husband intervened and told
    him he needn’t be so rude to his wife.’
    After the flight landed on Tuesday
    morning, police spoke ‘to all parties
    involved’. No arrests were made.

Busta’s bust-up

on flight to UK

Paedophile Epstein’s

dream to father race

of ‘super humans’

JEFFREY Epstein wanted to

father a new type of human by
impregnating dozens of women,

it was claimed last night.
The convicted paedophile wanted
20 women at time to be inseminated
with his sperm to strengthen the
human gene pool.
Epstein believed in the fringe scientific
theory known as transhumanism, which
claims that the quality of the population
can be improved through genetic engi-
neering and artificial intelligence.
The bizarre claims in a report by the
New York Times shed new light on his
private world, which has been under the
scrutiny since his arrest in July.
The 66-year-old financier is accused of
creating a ‘vast network’ of underage
girls that he abused between 2002 and
2005 at his mansions in New York and
Palm Beach, Florida.
He has been denied bail by a Manhat-
tan federal judge who said that his
sexual appetite for young girls was
The New York Times reported that
Epstein gave hundreds of thousands of
dollars to scientists to insinuate himself

From Daniel Bates

in New York

into their elite community.
They included the late physi-
cist Stephen Hawking, Oliver
Sacks, the neurologist and best-
selling author and Nobel Prize-
winning physicist Murray
Epstein would hold salon-style
events at his £65million New
York mansion where champagne
would flow and the discussion
would turn to his peculiar
beliefs. He supposedly told one
scientist that he was bankrolling
efforts to identify a mysterious
particle that might trigger
the feeling that someone is
watching you.
At one session at Harvard Uni-
versity, Epstein said that sci-
ence should not try to reduce

starvation among the poor
because it risked causing
On ‘multiple occasions’ in the
early 2000s Epstein said he
wanted to use his vast ranch in
New Mexico as a base where
women would be inseminated

and give birth to his babies. He
supposedly talked about the idea
in 2001 at his New York mansion
and in 2006 at an event at his pri-
vate island in the Caribbean.
Those who Epstein told about
it described the idea as ‘far-

fetched and disturbing’, the
New York Times reported.
Jaron Lanier, a computer
scientist and writer who is
considered the founding father
of virtual reality, said that
Epstein told him he based his
idea on the Repository for Ger-
minal Choice.
This was a sperm bank that
opened in 1980 and purported
to offer sperm from the world’s
brightest minds. It shut in 1999.
Mr Lanier said that he thought
the dinner parties Epstein
hosted may have been a way for
him to screen women who could
potentially bear his children.
The report came as it emerged
that Epstein will be behind bars

for at least another ten months.
Judge Richard Berman pencilled
in June 8 next year for his trial at
Manhattan’s federal court dur-
ing a hearing yesterday.
Prosecutors said that the FBI
is only ‘beginning the process’ of
examining evidence seized dur-
ing the raid on Epstein’s Man-
hattan home. The case has gen-
erated more than one million
pages of documents which the
defence need to review.
Epstein, who denies two allega-
tions of sex trafficking, did not
appear to have any red marks on
his neck after his reported sui-
cide attempt last Tuesday. Dur-
ing the 20-minute hearing he
seemed nervous and dazed.

and disturbing’

TV Susannah: I

prayed a lorry

would hit me

Accused: A sketch of Epstein in court yesterday. He appeared nervous and dazed

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