Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

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^ Exhibitions

 by the president concerned: Jean-Ma-
rie Couderc for the Bonsaï Club de l’Albigeois,
Philippe Massard for the FFB and Marc Noeland-
ers for the EBA. The latter’s words during the
prize-giving ceremony on the Saturday evening
in Pratgraussals are worth remembering: “Look-
ing at the bonsai in the exhibition, I must say it’s
just mind-blowing and inspiring for all of us. It is
giving me a happy feeling that after doing bonsai
for myself for 38 years, the level in Europe is still
increasing.” During this ceremony, participants
had the chance to enjoy a superb demonstration
of martial arts.

In photographs
As always with this sort of gathering, the tree
exhibition indicated the quality of the event. Here,
the aisles were divided into three sections: one
for 59 trees from the EBA, another for 120 bon-
sai from the FFB, and a third dedicated to the at-
tending demonstrators’ trees. Added to this were
rows of suiseki.
Jean-Marc Pouillon, who is in charge of the
FFB’s judging panels, summed it up: “It’s very
good in terms of the quantity, space and quality of
displays.” And the demonstrators’ trees were a cut
above the rest. The judging panel – comprising
17 judges, and this year chaired by Jean Croizer

  • gave the title of “outstanding tree” to the nine
    best bonsai from the FFB. Since it is difficult to
    transport bonsai by air, and since France also in-
    corporates some overseas territories, an exhibition
    of photographs of exotic trees from those locations
    allowed their owners to make their presence felt.


Pinus thunbergii, Francesco Forno
Shohin composition, Francesco Forno, Fabrizio
Zorzi and Diego Fortuna
Pinus sylvestris, Stanislas Hoarau
Pinus sylvestris, Alexandre Wemaëre
Olea europaea, Erasmo Garcia Fernandez
Suiseki, André Duval

Pinus thunbergii, José Nunes
Shohin composition, Jean-Bernard Gallais
Pinus uncinata, Jean-Marc Ladagnous
Shohin composition, Ronan Le Bras
Pinus pentaphylla, Pierre Rudelle
Acer palmatum “Deshojo”, Danielle Grégoire
Pinus sylvestris, Olivier Barreau
Acer palmatum, Eric Gauthier
Olea sylvestris, Pierre-Yves Le Lidec

EBA Merit Award: Pinus sylvestris, Stanislas Hoarau. Width: 100 cm (39 in.). ESA (European Suiseki Association) nomination and EBA Merit
Award for suiseki: stone by André Duval. Origin: France.

EBA Merit
Award: Pinus
Width: 100 cm
(39 in.).
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