Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

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The last one
This issue of Esprit Bonsai International
marks the close of an adventure that
we had hoped would be ongoing. In
the end it will have lasted almost four
years. The reality of the economic
situation has regretfully led us
to decide to stop publishing the
English version of the magazine.
When we decided to translate Esprit
Bonsaï into English, to provide English-
speaking readers with a new magazine
on their passion, we were supported by
associations, professionals and other
protagonists in the international bonsai
world. We offer them our thanks for
joining us in this journey and believing
in the venture. And of course, we thank
you, our readers, for your interest.
Over these few years, we have enjoyed
working out how best to support you in
your love of bonsai, while retaining our
uniqueness. We will continue to show
French-speaking readers what is happening
in the art of bonsai across the world.
And perhaps some of you will decide
to read the magazine in French.
Happy reading!
Michèle Corbihan
4 News and resources
The Spirit of Bonsai
7 Knowledge and action
8 EBA and FFB
convention, Albi
Two conventions, one
cultural gathering
16 The Kanuma satsuki festival
An explosion of colours!
Trees and People
22 David Benavente
“I let the tree dictate to me”
Notes for Beginners
27 Kengai: cascade style 
Getting Off to a Good Start
32 A summer break
Portrait of a Species
34 Phoenicean juniper
Stunning deadwood
Botanical Profile
38 Silver birch
A speedy pioneer
40 Beneath the bark’s surface
Shohin : Small Bonsai
42 The drama of deadwood
Techniques in Detail
49 Preparing a tree for
a demonstration
54 A boxwood’s development
Spotlight on Broadleaves
56 A Burton-style elm^
On the unconditional
right to be creative
Spotlight on Conifers
63 Birth of a
Taiwanese dragon
Potters and Pots
68 Jean-Philippe Koenig
“Experimenting is what
I like the most”s
Besides Bonsai
72 Shitakusa or kusamono?
74 Senshin-Ikenobo: Seeking
some summer coolg
76 Ohara: Ikebana central: Ikebana
and water are life sources
Clubs and Enthusiasts
78 Cercle montois du bonsaï
(The Mons Bonsai Circle)
“The key words are conviviality,
sharing and passion”
Publishing Director: Christian Fournereau – Editor in Chief: Michèle Corbihan – Art Director: Antoine Simon – Designers to
Layout: Stéphanie Grevet, Benjamin Madelainne. – Translators: Abigail Grater, Nichola Lewis – Contributors to this issue: Morten
Albek, Marie Albessard, Louis-Victor Bourdeau, Jean-François Busquet, Laurent Darrieux, Xavier Dreux, Damien Dufour, Janine Droste, François
Jeker, Gilbert Labrid, Marette Renaudin, Isabel Ribeiro, Antonio Ricchiari, Anne Royer. – Advertising: Manon Foustoul +33 297 248 152 – Retail
and Professional: Magalie Rous +33 297 593 766 – Accounts: Anne Le Crom +33 297 593 761 – Reprographics: Antoine Simon –
Setting and Printing: Rectiligne – ISSN: 1761-662X CPPAP: 0618K83283 – “Printed in France/Imprimé en France”. ESPRIT BONSAI
INTERNATIONAL is published by LR Presse sarl: BP  30104, F-56401 AURAY Cedex, FRANCE – Registered office: 2,  rue de
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deposit on the date of publication – Cover: Juniperus chinensis. Photo Morten Albek. Conception Antoine Simon.

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