Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1
60 - EspritBonsaiInternational #101

� Spotlight
on Broadleaves

Exhibition conditions
In the spring of 2017, we made the
decision to finalise the ramification
so that we could put the elm on
show. We changed the pot so that
it would harmonise with the tree: a
Yixing pot, so from China, with antique
bas-relief and cloud feet. We took
advantage of the moment to carry
out yet another scarification, finer
this time, and to definitively select the
primary and secondary branches.
In autumn 2018, the tree was finally
ready for the European Bonsai-San
Show, in Saulieu, where it would receive
the New Style prize awarded by Bonsai
Focus magazine. We decided to create
two displays, so as not to shock the
public: one classical composition
on the Saturday, featuring a Zen
monk with a bundle on his shoulder
to represent wisdom; while a more
contemporary display was installed
on the Sunday, with a robot clearing
up leaves from the tree following the
extinction of the human race. •••

Detail of the base. Detail of the trunk.

June 2017, after repotting in the “definitive” pot. Fine scarification and
selection of the branches to be kept before a year of ramification.
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