Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1
#101 EspritBonsaiInternational - 67

The future
Three months later, the tree left its
plastic training pot for a ceramic pot
better suited to its new silhouette. We
chose a beautifully made Yixing pot.
In time, the low branch at the base
of the trunk will be removed. For the
moment it is being kept as a sap-
drawer to help the principle vein to
expand. It has been shaped following
the line of the wood, so that once it
has been debarked, it will harmonise
with the general shape of the tree. �

(^1) Cleaning the roots
for the change of pot.
(^2) Now repotted in the Yixing pot.
(^3) Seen from above, the clouds of foliage
arrange themselvesaroundthedeadwood.
(^4) A bonsai is born: harmony
between the quick and the
dead. The low branch will be
transformed into jin once it has
kept the movementimposed
on it by thewiring.Height:
70 cm (27½ in.).
(^5) The
Ta iw a n e s e
juniper as a
finished project,
drawn by
Hervé Dora.

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