Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

(Nancy Kaufman) #1
#101 EspritBonsaiInternational - 75

 Shin-ka-tai style
Martagon lily, and leaves of Iris kaempferi and
begonia. The orange colour of the flower harmonising
with the vase’s rims conjures up the sweetness of a
summer’s day. Arrangement by Tadjima Sensei.

 Free-style suiban
Aspidistra, chrysanthemum, hydrangea leaf. The
lines and the glossy surface of the deep-green leaves
bring freshness. Arrangement by Tadjima Sensei.

 Shin-ka-tai style
Iris kaempferi leaf,
succulent plant.
The pastel tones of
the plant material,
co-ordinating with
the vase, reinforce
the composition’s
and lightness.
Arrangement by
Marette Renaudin.

in pastel colours or in greens, grey-greens or grey-
blues. Pâte-de-verre (glass paste) vases that suggest
water give a refreshing feeling. Intense, overly hot
colours are to be left aside. A suiban (flat, shallow
dish) will let the water’s surface reflect like a pond
and inspire an aquatic composition.

Aiming for refinement
Avoid compositions that are too heavy or massive,
and which steal space and air. Simple styles in flat
vases or suiban are to be favoured. The aim is strip-
ped-back purity: the Senshin-Ikenobo School’s most
recent style, shin-ka-tai, is appropriate. It displays a
look of austerity with great elegance – simplicity in
naturalness. It reinvigorates us with its use of restrai-
ned lines while letting air flow through. 

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