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Page ^ Daily Mail, Wednesday, August 7, 2019

‘Danger dam’

residents start

to return home

DOZENS of residents forced to leave
their homes because of the potentially
deadly threat from a damaged dam
were allowed to return last night.
The remaining 1,500 evacuees could
return to Whaley Bridge today following a
mammoth effort by emergency services to
cut water levels behind the Toddbrook
Dam by 30.5ft, or 70 per cent.
Work began yesterday to assess damage
to the dam, part of which collapsed after
torrential rain last Wednesday.
Homes and businesses were evacuated
in low-lying parts of Whaley Bridge last
Thursday, followed by a further 55 resi-
dents from the Horwich End area of the
Derbyshire village on Saturday.
Rachel Swann, Deputy Chief Constable
of Derbyshire Police, told a public meet-
ing last night: ‘The last lot of people from
Horwich End, you can go home.
‘For the rest, fingers crossed, tomorrow
you’ll have good news from me.’
David Greenhalgh, of the Canal and
River Trust, which owns the reservoir,
said: ‘The water is at a safe level.’
He added that pumping would continue
to prevent the reservoir refilling ‘very
quickly’ while repairs are carried out.
Wing Commander Gary Lane said 100
military personnel had helped with the
operation, which had been ‘challenging’.

SCOTLAND Yard faced criticism yesterday
after seeking a court order forcing jour-
nalists to hand over notes from inter-
views with Shamima Begum.
Lawyers for the Met will make the
application under the Terrorism Act
2000 to access unpublished notes made
during meetings with the jihadi bride.
The 19-year-old IS recruit, who mar-
ried a Dutch fighter, was interviewed by
journalists in a refugee camp in north-
ern Syria earlier this year after being
tracked down by Anthony Loyd, a
reporter at The Times.
Police believe Mr Loyd’s unpublished
notes and those from other interviews
with Begum, from Bethnal Green, east
London, might contain information use-
ful to an investigation. It comes ahead of
a potential hearing after Begum’s family
challenged the decision to revoke her
British citizenship in the courts.
The Times, Sky News and ITN are
expected to oppose the application as
journalists took to Twitter to warn that
the legal moves could discourage
people from talking to the media, and
force reporters to break agreements
with interviewees.

Jihadi bride: Met

in south London heard. It was seeks Press notes
only the building’s unusual slop-
ing roof that saved his life as it
broke his fall.
Yesterday, his alleged attacker
appeared in court sporting a
black eye after reportedly being
punched by an irate witness
moments afterwards.
The 17-year-old boy showed
no emotion as he stood in the
dock accused of attempting to

edge of the viewing platform.’
She added of the incident: ‘It
was carried out extremely
swiftly and in one movement.
The boy fell approximately 100
feet to the fifth floor.
‘He suffered very serious inju-
ries and he is currently in hospi-
tal and this includes a deep
bleed to his brain and fractures
to his spine, legs and arms. The

17-year-old was apprehended
by members of the public.’
She told the court that the
incident had happened so
quickly that it would have been
impossible to stop the boy going
over the railing.
The prosecutor added: ‘It hap-
pened so swiftly it would have
been impossible for anyone to
stop him. [The young boy’s] fall
was broken by the way the
building is splayed out.’
The 17-year-old was remanded
into youth detention yesterday
ahead of a hearing at the Old
Bailey tomorrow.
Scotland Yard has said that
there is no link between the sus-
pect and the victim of the ran-

dom attack. The child was with
his mother at the Tate Modern
at the tallest point of the gallery
when the attack happened at
about 2.40pm on Sunday.
Mark Welte, a writer from San
Francisco, said he had to
restrain the boy’s mother after
hearing a commotion and a ‘pri-
mal scream’.
Detective Chief Inspector
John Massey, from the Metro-
politan Police, has appealed for
witnesses to come forward.
He added: ‘This was a truly
shocking incident and people
will understandably be search-
ing for answers. At the moment,
this is being treated as an iso-
lated event.’

THE boy of six thrown 100ft from

the Tate Modern by a stranger

suffered a bleed on the brain and

a broken back, legs and arms, a

court heard yesterday.
The victim, from a French family
visiting London on holiday, was said
to be unconscious and in a critical
but stable condition in hospital after
suffering devastating injuries.
The schoolboy had walked just a ‘cou-
ple of feet’ away from his parents who
were enjoying the view of the capital
from the tenth-floor viewing platform at
the art gallery by the Thames.
He was suddenly grabbed and thrown
over the chest-high barrier in one ‘very
swift’ movement, Bromley Youth Court

By Rebecca Camber

Chief Crime Correspondent

Rushing to help: Emergency crews with the injured boy on
Tate Modern’s roof. Inset: The tenth-floor viewing platform
‘Carried out
very swiftly’

Tate victim, 6, broke

back, arms and legs

As teen who ‘threw him 100ft’ appears in court, it’s

revealed child had strayed ‘just feet from parents’

murder the child on Sunday
afternoon. Wearing a prison-
issue grey tracksuit, the bearded
youth spoke only to confirm his
name, age and British national-
ity in the five-minute hearing.
Sian Morgan, prosecuting,
said: ‘This is an incident that
took place on August 4. The
complainant is a six-year-old
child. Visiting the Tate with his
parents, they were on the tenth-
floor viewing platform.
‘He walked a couple of feet
away from his parents. It is then
said that the 17-year-old picked
him up and threw him over the


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