Real Fashion – July 2019

(Axel Boer) #1

Fashion Designers design for graded sizes when they design their ready to wear collections!

  1. When you put on that dress and it just looks loose at the hips or under the arm/shoulder,

if you are petite, if a garment doesn’t feel right. It could be it needs to be shortened or
adjusted for your body height.

  1. lf your body type, like most, is not the same size all over, keep in mind that it is usually

easier to take in a garment than it is to let it out. This means it’s typically best, and least
costly, to buy the size that best ts the largest part of your body and adjust only the areas
that are too big.

  1. Have all of your undergarments and bring them to all of your ttings. Yes, this is

completely and absolutely necessary. Even if they don’t appear to shape your body much
or at all, your foundation garments will aect the way the clothing hangs on your gure.

  1. The same goes for your shoes, it’s best to wear the exact shoes you plan to wear with your

suit or dress. If you have not obtained the perfect shoes before your rst tting, mention
this to the tter. Heel height can aect your posture and the hang of garments!

The hem will need to be done at the second tting.

  1. Once you are given the all-clear, make sure to move around to test the t. If you will be

bending, dancing, walking or sitting, make sure that you can comfortably do that without
restriction. If the t will inhibit your movement, point it out so it can be adjusted
accordingly right away.

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