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We can all agree that our lives can get REAL busy and we often forget about taking care of ourselves in the process. Whether it’s
due to a lack of motivation or just no time due to our busy lives, we just can’t seem to get in a “workout”.

First of all, we need to change the mindset and change the word “workout” to “training” because workout doesn’t give you a
solid reason as to why you need to workout in the first place. The definition of workout is a session of vigorous exercise,
whereas, training is defined as the action of undertaking a course of exercise in preparation of a specific goal. When you have
defined your purpose to working out, you are more likely to be motivated to reach your goals.

Here is a 15 MINUTE TRAINING PROGRAM that every woman can benefit from and incorporate into their busy lifestyle:

Perform this training program 2-3 times a week but make sure to give a day of rest in between for adequate recovery.

Perform each exercise for 12 to 15 repetitions once with no rest. Each exercise should take about 40 to 45 seconds to complete.
That is classified as a giant set. Once you complete the giant set, rest 1 minute, and complete 2 more giant sets.

By Mike Nguyen, PTS, RHN

A Training Program For

The Everyday Woman

A1 : Elevated Stationary Split Squats
With your feet shoulder width apart, take one and a half
step forward. Place your front foot on the bottom of a stair
or on a few books stacked on one another against a wall.
Make sure your heel
on the rear foot is
elevated to allow
you to perform the
split squat. Descent
in a forward
diagonal motion and
ascend in a
backward diagonal
motion. That is one

A2 : Push Up Plank Holds
Position yourself into a start of a push-up with arms and
legs shoulder and hip width apart. Keep your arms and
knees locked out while embracing your core. Hold this

A3 : Bent-Knee Glute Hip Lifts
Lie down face up. Bend the knees at a 90 degree angle with
your arms to your side. Lift the glutes as high as you can
while driving the heels down into the floor.

A4 : Prone Lying Y Raises
Lie face down with your arms above your head in a Y
position and palms facing each other. Raise your arms off
the floor as high as you can while keeping your forehead
and rest of the body
on the floor.
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