Real Fashion – July 2019

(Axel Boer) #1
Moving to LA was always a dream of mine, but it’s something I thought
I would never be able to do on my own — especially coming from a
small town like London in Ontario. I worked as a makeup artist in London
for fourteen years before I decided to follow my dreams and move to Los
Angeles. I had just gotten to a point in my career where I realized that there
were no opportunities for me to grow if I chose to stay. This, ironically, led to
the biggest opportunity I could have imagined. I packed up whatever could I
fit into my car. A good friend of mine and her husband drove me to Los
I had no connections or job prior to my move but once I got there I hustled
like crazy and connected with a celebrity makeup artist who changed my
life. I dedicated two and a half years to assisting him and he taught me
everything I needed to know to be a successful artist in this industry. A lot of
people only see the success but they don’t see how much work went into
getting here. Of course, what happens behind the scenes usually stays behind
the scenes. But I can assure you, this job can be very stressful at times and
I’ve definitely experienced some lows in my career along with some highs.
People always tell me “you’re so lucky” but luck has very little to do with it
— my success is a result of skill that takes hard work and dedication to
master. Along with that, having a strong work ethic will also help lead to
My biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to follow their dreams is just
go for it! For so many
years I wasted time
worrying about “what if”
worst-case scenarios, but
if you truly make a plan
for yourself and have a
passion that exceeds
your anxieties, you can
do anything. My “what
ifs” no longer held me
back. Instead, they
inspired me to try and
see for myself what I was
capable of.

Today, her clientele includes:
Chrissy Teigen, Shiva Safai,
Marianna Hewitt, Paula
Abdul, Pia Toscano, Fifth
Harmony, Courtney Lopez,
Sazan Hendrix, Joelle
Fletcher, Whitney Carson,
Kristine Cavallari, Renee
Bargh, Rachel Platten, Dorit
Kemsley, and many more of
Hollywood’s biggest names.

Having a good base is extremely important!
Make sure you’re taking good care of your
skin. I would suggest finding a great
esthetician or a skincare regimen that works
well for your skin. I feel like concealing your
imperfections and blemishes is the trend these
days but if you want results, learn how to treat
your skin type specifically. This way, you won’t
have to put as much makeup on. Plus, once you
know your skin type, finding the perfect
foundation becomes much easier.

I love to create a dewy look using highlighters
on the high points of the face. I absolutely love
the new Patrick Ta Beauty Major Glow
highlighting mists that work to achieve this

Finding a good bronzer that doesn’t go
orange or muddy on the skin is important. One
of my favorite bronzers for a natural sun
kissed look is the Benefit Hoola matte bronzer.
It’s a perfect color that’s great for fair skin
because it won’t go orange; it’s also great as
an eyeshadow base or just in the crease of the
eye for a natural contour. I use it on myself
daily, so I see how it lasts long-term.

A great long-lasting mascara that doesn’t
clump and is available at a drugstore is the
L’Oréal Voluminous mascara. Putting on
mascara will instantly open the eyes and add
definition to the lashes.

Having a lip gloss with an iridescence gives
off that high shine look as well. You can use it
alone for a natural look or layer it on top of a
lipstick. My new favorite gloss is “She’s
Expensive” by Patrick Ta Beauty, it’s the
perfect neutral!

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