The Teenager Today – August 2019

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friendship dAy


“True friends are truly life’s
treasures. Sometimes they
know us better
than we know
ourselves. With
gentle honesty,
they are there
to guide and
support us,
to share our
laughter and our
tears. Their presence
reminds us that we are
never really alone.”
— Vincent Van Gogh


riends provide you a sense
of belonging, a feeling
of being
valued and
helps with
your confidence.
Positive, accepting
and supportive
friendships help
into a
adult. They
also provide you
a sense of security
and comfort in being
with others and going
through the same experiences.

Good friends become a
source of information about
the physical and emotional
changes taking place in you.

They provide support in figuring
out talents and interests, social skills,
independence from adults and
Teen years are often stressful.
Having trustworthy and loyal
friends helps you deal with the stress

and uncertainty that is a normal part
of development. Healthy friendships
provide teens with social support in
dealing with some of the challenges
of growing up.

Friends are also outlets for fun and
excitement. They help you find
healthy ways to have fun outside
home, at school and at the workplace.
While with unhealthy peer influences,
a teen may engage in negative
behaviour, healthy friendships
encourage pastimes that involve no
risk of delinquency or harm.

Teens face a number of challenges
as they forge
in high
school and
issues may
arise due to
in race,
gender or
reasons. Teens
may not be willing
to speak to others in
a new school or engage
in popular activities
when they move to a new

Supportive friendships
formed when you are a
teen can bolster your self-
confidence and give you
resources to assist with
later periods of your life.

Don’t be afraid to reach
out to others. You should
strive to open up to outgoing
and accepting teens. Should you
become upset due to the challenges
of making friends, your school
counsellor can offer insights into
finding the right group that appeals
to your needs and personality traits.
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