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“Ask not what the country can do for you, but ask what you can
do for the country.” These very inspiring words of John F. Kennedy,
former President of the United States, keep ringing in my ears often
that I have used it, time and again in my writings, beginning with
one of my editorials in The TeenAger years ago, and again in my
book You Can Make A Difference, now a bestseller with over 75,
copies in print.

This is also the first thought that came to my mind when I thought
of my editorial for August in which our 73rd Independence Day falls.
As I move around visiting schools and students, young people
often ask: “What a teenager like me can do for a country of such
magnitude?” My answer to this question has always been: “You can
do a lot, your small acts in the right direction matter like each drop
in the ocean, or a small brick in a mansion matters to the entire

I am glad that we also have young Indians who realise this
responsibility and plan their lives accordingly. One such youngster is
Manhar Bansal from Punjab, a topper in the ICSe exams, this year,
we are featuring in this issue (pg 26) in the young achiever’s column.
his answer to our question was loud and clear. When asked, “Do you
have a vision for our country?” Manhar promptly replied.

“I have a vision (dream) for our country. I wish our system be more
transparent, free of corruption and social evils, where the leaders
look after the welfare of the citizens, and more importantly care for
them.... they be accountable to the people, and have a clear vision
for the country... I want to join the Civil Service, and as an IAS officer,
be honest and caring, by way of realising this vision/dream.”

have a vision (dream) for the country, like Manhar; follow that
dream, and bring it to realization, playing your key role in making
it happen. This is the best gift that you can give the country on this
Independence Day.
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