2019-03-01 Western Art Collector

(Martin Jones) #1


mountainous region known for
its multitude of outdoor activities,
stellar ski resorts, craft breweries and
undeniably hipster vibes, it’s no surprise that
the state of Colorado has an electrifying art
scene as well. The terrain itself is diverse, from
arid deserts to river canyons to the snow-
capped Rocky Mountains, and while there
is plenty to explore in the Centennial State,
Western art lovers will rejoice in the wide
range of galleries, museums, artists and events
showcasing Western sensibilities.
Pueblo, Colorado, in the southern area of
the state, is home to a variety of arts events
throughout the year, including First Fridays

at the Art Center, hosted by the Sangre de
Cristo Arts & Conference Center. During
these evenings, visitors can partake in self-
guided tours of the art galleries, restaurants
and businesses located within the Creative
Corridor in downtown Pueblo. In addition,
the Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center
holds its annual Representing the West: A
New Frontier running through May 26. In this
juried art show, attendees can view artwork in
a variety of mediums. Works in the exhibition
refl ect the changing culture and myths of the
American West and include non-traditional
subject matter, materials and concepts as well
as traditional depictions of the West.


Steamboat Springs



State of the Art:


The sculpture garden at the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs. Courtesy VisitCOS.com.
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