2019-03-01 Western Art Collector

(Martin Jones) #1

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: C O L O R A D O
John Pyson
(719) 338-8853, pyson50@yahoo.com
A retrospective running through February 28
explores the many works of artist Eugene “Gene”
J. Diodato (1935-2013), depicting the beauty and
allure of nature. Having spent the last 25 years
of his life in nature, mostly painting the Upper
Arkansas Valley, Diodato focused on painting that
was real, governed by an adherence to the truth
that nature displayed. Captivated by light and its
effect on environment since childhood, Diodato
reveled in the moments when light transformed the
world from the normal into the transcendent. His
work has been described as having a “quality of
gentleness.” The subtlety of color in his work and his
choice of subject matter never demand attention,
but rather, appeal to the unique perspectives and
insights of each viewer. Organized by John Pyson,
the retrospective is held at the Salida SteamPlant
Event Center, Joshua Been Studio/Gallery, Peak View
Mortgage, Inc. and Box of Bubbles.
Wild Horse Gallery
Shirley Stocks and Richard Galusha,
owners, (970) 879-5515
Wild Horse Gallery is a traditional fine art gallery
specializing in realism and impressionism. Located
in the year-round destination resort of Steamboat
Springs, Colorado, the gallery celebrates its 20th
anniversary this year. Wild Horse Gallery is a
“full service” gallery that includes individual art
consultations for new, existing or second homes
along with delivery and installation of artwork.
Their personal connection with the client is critical
throughout the art acquisition process. Wild Horse
Gallery also facilitates commissions and large
monumental sculptures for private individuals and
community needs. Co-owner Richard Galusha, OPA,
will have an upcoming retrospective exhibition titled
An Artist’s Journey at the Steamboat Art Museum in
winter 2019 to 2020. The show will feature more than
100 of his paintings, including many plein air pieces
from his travels around the world, Westerns and
portraits. Work by his high school art students as well
as portraits he created of them will be featured in the
Youth Gallery. Contact either the Wild Horse Gallery
or the Steamboat Art Museum for more information.
Top: Gene Diodato, Untitled, oil on paper
mounted on board, 12 x 14”
Middle: An outdoor view of Wildhorse
Gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Right: Wild Horse Gallery, Sage, oil,
30 x 40”, by Richard Galusha.

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