2019-03-01 Western Art Collector

(Martin Jones) #1


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R E V I E W S a n
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watching them especially in winter. They are
like great monoliths withstanding whatever
the weather throws at them. Pushing deep
heavy snow around with their great heads,
steam huffing from their nostrils, they search
for any grass beneath.”
In describing his piece for the show,
Crossing White Water Creek, Dudash
explains, “I love painting landscapes, and
river/water scenes are especially enjoyable,
so placing a group of rim-lit riders crossing
the middle of a rushing creek makes for
a lot of fun and creates many interesting
challenges as well. In this case, the
mountain man is taking the lead for what
he hopes will be a successful journey. The
Indians seem content to let him blaze the
trail, and are putting their trust in their white
trapper friend.”
Bronze works in the show include Stefan
Savides’ Pins & Curls and Coleman’s He
Who Jumps Over Everyone.
Of the former piece, Savides describes,
“Pins & Curls featuring two of the most
sought-after waterfowl, a mallard and a
pintail, are sculpted to depict the explosive
excitement one feels as thee birds flush from
their watery environment.”
Coleman’s work is based on a historical
account. “In the early 1830s while a guest of
the Crow, George Catlin was being entertained
by some of the men and he expounded on their
flamboyant exuberance as they performed on
their horses,” Coleman says. “Catlin painted
one such individual, He Who Jumps Over
Everyone, who rode his horse back and forth,
rearing and jumping as he showed off his
extraordinary skills of horsemanship. Dressed
in full Crow regalia, his horse was also heavily
adorned and wore a matching war bonnet
which demonstrated the prestige and close
relationship between them.”
After the opening weekend closes, the
Night of Artists public exhibition will run
March 31 to May 5, with any unsold artwork
available for purchase.
Night of Artists
March 31-May 5, 2019

  • Collectors Summit and Opening
    Weekend, March 29-30

  • T icket Holder Preview,
    March 29-30, 10 am.-3 p.m.

  • Exhibition Preview, Artist Awards
    Dinner & Live Auction, March 29,
    6 p.m.

  • Art Sale & Reception, March 30,
    5:30 p.m.
    Briscoe Western Art Museum
    210 W. Market Street
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    (210) 299-4499

C. Michael Dudash, Crossing White Water Creek, oil on linen, 36 x 48”

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