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ontana Miniatures will mark
its third annual silent auction
on March 20, during Western
Art Week, in Great Falls, Montana. The sale,
featuring small works from more than 150
artists, is organized by Bitterroot Frames based
in Hamilton, Montana.
Artists in the sale include Brian Bateman,
Brooke Wetzel, Cynthie Fisher, Diane
Whitehead, Frank Hagel, Mark Boyle,
Whitney Hall, Kathy Ashcroft and many
more. The event will feature a silent auction
format. Works will go on display on March 20
at 6 p.m. at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls.

Bidders will be able to view the works and
place bids through March 23.
“We developed this concept three years
ago to promote artists and to bring together
the greatest collection of small works that un-
rivals any miniature show in the country,” says
Zach Cheetham, the show’s organizer. “Our
model for this event was not just to sell as
many [pieces] as we could but rather promote
the best artists in the country that we could.
Instead of starting with as many inexpensive
paintings as we could find, we started with a
‘top down’ concept. This concept encouraged
us to go after some of the best artists in the
industry first and then trickle down to entry-
level artists. By using this plan, our goal was
to bring new buyers into the Heritage who
would not normally be there to see some of
these great works. By doing that, these buyers
also supported some mid-level and lower-
level artists. Our plan worked!”
Cheetham continues: “I am very happy
that so many top-shelf artists have believed
in us and have participated in the show and
we so greatly appreciate them. The residual
success of the show has trickled down to so
many of the artists who are established at the
Heritage or are just beginning their career
and that was our intention all along.”
For more information about the sale visit

Kathy Ashcroft, Memories, oil, 14 x 11" Whitney Hall, Mexican Silver, oil, 10 x 8"

Frank Hagel,
Topping Out,
oil, 8 x 15"

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An auction of small works

featuring more than 150

artists returns this March

to Great Falls, Montana.

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