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“The first theme is the urban ambiance of the small
island towns in which all the houses are built from stone,
simple in shape but at the same time very beautiful.
There we can see and feel that beauty is not always tied
to luxury and wealth, but also that it is present in the
architecture of small fishing towns.”
The second theme that inspires him is the sea. “When
you sit on the shore and you look out to the sea, you are
immersed in the music of nature,” Mihanovic shares.
“The sea is always speaking to you and inviting you to
think beyond reality. I enjoy painting the stone pebbles
as they slowly disappear into the vast depth of the
sea, into a world about which we know very little. The
horizon and the ‘endless’ sea remind me of eternity.”
Being inspired by the landscape and lifestyle of
the Adriatic coast, Mihanovic often travels to the
islands, inlets and small fishing towns that make up
the region. Since many of them cannot be reached by
car he wanders from island to island by boat, which
serves as a mobile studio. When he finds a scene of
interest—usually at dusk or dawn—Mihanovic will
make sketches and watercolors that he will bring back
to his studio for reference.
Mihanovic works in a hyperrealistic style, but aims
for a metaphysical experience through the color and
tone. His work reflects the classical values of painting
allowing him to capture the fleeting moments of light
with ease. “I believe this is one of the main purposes
of my art, and my goal is that a person does not
remain indifferent when looking at my painting, but
rather that they are encouraged to think deeply and
create their own individual story within the painting,”
he shares. “I believe that the main mission of art is to
convey beauty and above all I try to do this with my
own paintings.”
T.H. Brennen Fine Art 7150 E. Main Street • Scottsdale, AZ 85251 •
(480) 994-1355 • http://www.thbrennenfineart.com
Anticipating the Catch,
oil on linen, 39½ x 39½"
Morning Rendezvous,
oil on linen, 35 x 52"

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