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or his March group exhibition,
Steven Diamant, president of Arcadia
Contemporary, wanted to pose a unique
challenge to artists from around the
world. It started in the form of the ques-
tion “What if a selection of some of the
finest representational painters from
around the world were all given the same,
unusual surface to paint on?” The artwork
was to be done beyond the confi nes of a
traditional square or round canvas, thus
Mondo Tondo was born.
“This idea later evolved during a
conversation with painter Julio Reyes, who
suggested we speak with Anton O’Hanlon,
president of Artefex,” Diamant shares.
“Julio had used artist panels created by
Artefex in his studio and spoke very highly
of the quality of their panels and surfaces.
At the end of the conversation, Arcadia

and Artefex decided to present Mondo
Tondo, which we felt refl ected both the fact
that we would be representing works from
artists from all over the world, including
New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China,
Europe, Canada and the United States
(the ‘mondo’ part), and the shape of the
panel they would be painting on, a 24-inch
diameter tondo panel.”
After the gallery invited 50 artists from
around the world to create works on the
circular panels, O’Hanlon contacted them
to discuss the surface for the panel. Based
on the conversations, Artefex created

Mondo Tondo

3/16-3/30 Pasadena, CA



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