(Martin Jones) #1
“ Every one of my paintings is a prayer for the
appreciation and preservation of nature. For an artist,
nature is a vast subject. My choice is to focus on the
details that I fi nd so intriguing: fl owers. When they
are infused with sunlight the colors are breathtaking,
and the curves, curls and sweeps of the petals create
a mesmerizing dance. Frequently I include rocks
in my compositions as reminders that everything
upon which life depends comes from the earth. I am
concerned about the disruption of the balance of
nature, and have to believe in and paint the everyday
triumphs of nature. Flowers occupy the elevated
level of beauty, which moves us and evokes notes of
aspiration to vibrate within us.”

“ My paintings are a carefully observed negotiation,
manipulated layer upon layer in order to create
a work of art as equivalent as possible to the
complexity of real life. They are an attempt to
control the almost uncontrollable substance that
is oil paint, and the equally untamable expression
of the human condition.”


Jane Jones

American artist Jane Jones paints radiant fl owers
with poetic simplicity. Her eloquent designs
highlight gorgeous textures and vivid colors of
tulips, irises and roses. Thanks to home gardening in
Colorado, the artist is able to capture crisp, morning
light on her favorite subjects with remarkable
clarity and detail. Painting in the classical tradition,
Jones manifests her love for nature in beautiful
compositions that radiate with peaceful feelings of
joy and abundance. The artist creates remarkable
balance among fl owers, fabric and background space.

Rose Duet, oil on canvas, 29 x 36"

Sharon Sprung

Sharon Sprung engages in direct observation,
painting the female models from life. The artist
often observes women at angles, incorporating
their clothing into the overall composition to unite
subjects with their space. The direct gazes of the
models let us dive into the paintings to explore line
and color rhythms. Her nude, semi-nude and clothed
fi gures have no predictable luster, rather they convey
sensuality coming from personal strength, confi dence
and resilience. Painted women look comfortable
posing or at rest, modeling in the space at the Art
Students League of New York where the artist is also
an instructor of painting.

The Screenwriter’s Daughter, oil on panel, 36 x 42"



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