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About the Author
Veronica Winters was born and raised in Moscow. She immigrated to the U.S. in her early 20s to pursue
her calling in art. She holds a BFA in studio art from Oklahoma State University and received a MFA
in painting from Penn State in 2005. Winters also studied classical techniques at the Grand Central
Academy of Art and the Art Students League of New York after graduation. The Colored Pencil Manual,
by Dover Publications, is her most recent best-selling book. As art educator, Winters supports the talent of
contemporary artists via her teaching and art blog. Living in Naples, Florida, the artist continues to pursue
feelings in color by painting the interior life of women in portraiture.

Cecile Baird

The hyperrealism art of Cecile Baird will knock
your socks off once you see a full collection of her
colored pencil drawings and oil paintings. Bathed
in strong light, ordinary objects undergo a total
transformation under the artist’s skillful hand.
Dramatic contrast and careful design constructions
often feature translucent fruit, sparkling glass or
a lineup of nail polish, or even burning matches.
Baird’s fascination with light pushes the boundaries
of the unexpected with every new work she executes
to perfection. If you crave color, you’ll love the artist’s
magical ability to transform average subjects to
ridiculously amazing vivid compositions.

Secret Heart, colored pencil on Stonehenge paper, 18 x 18"

Shana Levenson

Shana Levenson is a fi gurative painter from
Albuquerque, New Mexico. The artist’s background
in fashion design inspired her most recent work that
depicts lace in fi gurative compositions. She often
dresses up herself and models in semi-transparent
gowns to both reveal and hide delicate patterns of
lace, chiff on, gauze and skin. Colors in lace fl ow
from turquoise green to light blue to white. While
the skin tones lack detail and luster, you would
be lost in patterns of fl owing lace in Levenson’s
fi gurative compositions. Her charcoal drawings reveal
character and soul with black-and-white mark making
brilliantly constructing the human gaze.

Breathe Again, oil on Dibond, 45 x30".
Courtesy McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM.

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“ Finding beauty and wonder in unexpected places
was the goal of this artwork, letting the viewer
look at an everyday object in a new way. The use of
dramatic backlighting enhances the unbelievable
colors and shapes of the inside of the harsh looking
artichoke. Strong lighting and contrast are the
central theme in all of my still life paintings. The
right lighting can change any object into a piece
of art. Backlighting shining through an object can
create a glow that seems to come from within.
Simple compositions help focus the eye on the
drama in the subject.”

“ This painting embodies courage...The gas mask
represents overcoming life’s challenges. The lace dress
expresses elegance and grace. The intricacies and
weaving of the lace symbolize the delicate nature of
our lives yet holds together stronger together than as
separate threads. The hummingbirds are my children
but also are hope and resilience.”

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