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incline the collector to be transposed to a
particular place and time or an emotion
they may have felt by observing my work
then I have been fulfi lled as an artist.”
Santa Fe-based artist Jeanne Hyland is
known for painting expressive portraits,
fl orals and still life paintings. She renders
her subjects with passionate and vibrant
colors. Her painting, Alma with Violin,
features a model from a painting class the
artist taught. During one of her breaks,
Hyland observed her playing the violin
and captured the moment.
Karen Merkin’s photorealistic style
takes ordinary objects, such as apples or
teapots, and incorporates such extraordi-
nary detail that the images look real. This
is especially true of her Car Portraits. She
says, “I have a passion for restored classic
cars. Each car has its own unique beauty,
design and character that I try to capture

with my oil paints.”
Working from photos she takes at car
shows or on the street, Merkin’s images
show the reflections of the surrounding
environment especially in the chrome and
glass surfaces.
Karolyn Farrell often works in plein
air, with her painting The Pig Trail,
done on the backroads of the Boston
Mountains in Arkansas, where students
attending the university in Fayetteville
would drive. She says, “The roads are

still open but the interstate is most often
used.” Another of her paintings, Roses at
Noon, was painted at a farm in the same
city as the other work. On the farm are
chickens, ducks, sheep and hundreds of
blooming roses.
Farrell says that gallery owners and
collectors “have mentioned that they like
the passion in my art, the movement,
the use of textures and design. I like the
idea of an art piece that speaks to you.
Commission pieces have brought tears of

  1. Salamatina Gallery, Girl, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24", by Demi. 48. Karolyn Farrell, Roses at Noon, oil, 24 x 36" 49. Brooke Harker, Hollywood in Stride, ink, oil and acrylic on
    canvas, 60 x 40" 50. Karolyn Farrell, Arkansas Landscape, oil, 32 x 42" 51. Cindy Sorley-Keichinger, Strawberries & Cream, acrylic 9 x 12" 52. Cindy Sorley-Keichinger,
    Fall Hawthorn, acrylic, 7 x 5" 53. Brooke Harker, Buzz and Flow, ink, oil and acrylic on canvas, 66 x 45" 54. Monique Carr, Meditation, oil on panel, 24 x 24"

“My advice to collectors is to purchase a variety of

work that adds richness to your life, be it intellectual,

emotional or [a] simple pleasure. The greatest

collections are those that provide the viewer with

diff erent gifts for diff erent moments.” — Cynthia Rosen, artist

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50 51
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