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22 February 2020 | New Scientist | 1

39 Lab-grown meat Forget fake steaks and impossible burgers – the
first cultured animal products are likely to be seafood



5 News

“ The SARS outbreak felt

exactly this hopeless in the

middle of it. This feels like

a replay of the same movie”

On the

5 Coronavirus latest
The race to model, track
and trace covid-

9 Red-dwarf dynamo
Electric exoplanet creates
an interstellar stir

44 Some don’t like it hot
How climate change is
skewing sex ratios

Vol 245 No 3270
Cover image: Nathalie Lees

34 Cool minds
Secrets of the people who
never get stressed

39 Lab-grown meat
It’s finally here - but will it
really save the planet?

10 NASA’s weird moon missions 18 What counts as human?
16 Upside-down jellyfish 51 Perfect pancakes 12 Mega-turtles

This week’s issue




8 Fossil eukaryotes
Are these the oldest complex
cells ever discovered?

10 Psychological tests
US courts are still using
controversial and subjective

13 Long-range recognition
The plan to be able to spot
you from 1 kilometre away

23 Comment
The coronavirus outbreak can
be modelled with maths, says
Adam Kucharski

24 The columnist
James Wong on what eating
like our ancestors entails

26 Letters
Do we live in a simulation?

28 Aperture
The wild island that looks like
a colourful biological jewel

30 Culture
A chemical giant gets hunted
in the movie Dark Waters

51 Science of cooking
Better batter for pancake day

52 Puzzles
A cryptic crossword, plus the
quick quiz and puzzle

53 Feedback
A case of nominative

54 Almost the last word
Mulberry juice stains and cold
fingers: readers respond

56 The Q&A
Elisabeth Bik, science sleuth,
on research and cheating

34 Cool minds
Understanding the resilience of
people who don’t get stressed
could transform our lives

39 Lab-grown meat
The surprising taste of a
long-awaited food revolution

44 Some don’t like it hot
When the sex of your offspring
is tuned to temperature, a
warming world looks risky

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