2019-03-01 Biology Times

(singke) #1
Biology Times March 19


  1. Root tuft passes as columella and then forms gastral
    cone in
    (a) Spongilla (b) Hyalonema
    (c) Spongia (d) Cliona

  2. Internal fertilization occurs in higher animals due to
    (a) Ensure fertilization
    (b) Protection of semen
    (c) Terrestrial residence
    (d) Copulatory organs

  3. The arthropod exoskeleton is composed of
    (a) Several kinds of proteins
    (b) Single complex protein called arthropodin
    (c) Layers of protein and a polysaccharide called
    (d) Several kinds of polysaccharides

  4. Identify 1,2,3,4 and 5 from the given figure of
    cockroach head

(a) 1- Maxilla, 2- Labrum, 3- Labium , 4-
Mandible, 5- Ocellus
(b) 1- Labrum, 2- Maxilla, 3- Labrum, 4-
Mandible, 5- Ocellus

(c)1-Ocellus, 2- Maxilla, 3-Labium,
4- Labrum, 5-Mandible
(d)1-Maxilla, 2- Labium, 3- Labrum, 4-
Mandible, 5- Ocellus

  1. Which one of the following can fix atmospheric
    nitrogen directly?
    (a) Pea (b) Brassica
    (c) Castor (d) Petunia

  2. Carboxypeptidase is secreted by :
    (a) Stomach (b) Pancreas
    (c) Gall bladder (d) Intestine

  3. The pulp cavity is lined by:
    (a) Osteoblasts (b) Ameloblasts
    (c) Odontoblasts (d) Chondroblasts
    8.Inadequate protein intake leads to Kwashiorkor.
    The subsequent oedema is most closely related to
    inadequate synthesis of which protein?
    (a) Inslin (b) Albumin
    (c) Glucagon (d) Gamma globulin

  4. Oxygen carrying capacity of blood is
    (a) 1.39 ml (b) 2.39 ml
    (c) 3.39 ml (d) 0.39 ml

  5. Which of the following carries blood rich in food
    materials such as glucose and amino acids, from
    intestine to liver?
    (a) Dorsal aorta (b) Mesenteric artery
    (c) Renal portal vein (d) Hepatic portal vein

  6. In adult man, normal blood pressure is:
    (a) 80/120 mmHg (b) 100/80 mmHg
    (c) 120/80 mmHg (d) 100/120 mmHg

  7. Flame cells are the main excretory organs in
    (a) Annelids (b) Mollusks
    (c) Echinoderms (d) Platyhelminthes

  8. Match the columns I and column II

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