2019-03-01 Biology Times

(singke) #1
Biology Times March 19

(c) Number of genetic variation in particular area
(d) Number of genes in a particular species

  1. Identify the name of the medicinal plants given

(a) i- Aloe Vera , ii- Cinchona, iii- Tulsi
(b) i- cinchona, ii- Tulsi, iii- Aloe vera
(c) i-Cinchona, ii- Aloe vera, iii- Tulsi
(d) i-Aloe Vera, ii-Tulsi

  1. The following pictures represents

(a) The different species of mammals
(b) Endangered species of mammals
(c) Extinct species of mammals
7.The following pictures represent............

(a) Endangered species (b) Extinct species
(c) Rare species (d) Vulnerable species

  1. The figure given below represent Zonation in a
    terrestrial biosphere reserve.

Identify the names of the zonation ‘’ p’’ and
(a) Transition zone, buffer zone
(b) Buffer zone, core zone
(c) Human settlement , core zone

  1. Identify the given pictures and group them into a
    particular category

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