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t’s been nearly a decade since
Spencer Pratt feuded with
Lauren Conrad on The Hills, but
since LC chose not to return for
the show’s revival, the resident
troublemaker has set his sights
on new costar Mischa Barton.
Though Spencer initially stated
that he didn’t think he’d “be
enemies” with the troubled
actress, “he’s been preying on her
weaknesses” when the cameras
aren’t rolling, spills a source.

“He keeps bringing up her past
struggles, like he’s trying to get a
rise out of her. Mischa’s extremely
timid, though, so it feels more
like bullying.” But the attention-
seeker — who admitted he
wants “more airtime” — is
unlikely to change his ways. “He
knows viewers are interested in
Mischa, so he wants to use her
any way he can to drum up
ratings,” the source says. “He’s
really playing the villain.”



Though Zendaya is just one star in HBO’s
new ensemble drama Euphoria, some people
believe she’s been taking all the credit for its
success, says an insider. “She’s on a hot streak and
loving every minute of it, even though it comes at
the expense of her costars,” spills the insider. “True, she’s getting
lots of good buzz from critics, but it’s a group effort.” For many
of Euphoria’s actors, the show — which was just renewed for a
second season — is their first brush with big-time fame, and
since Zendaya has already scored roles in Oscar-nominated
flicks like The Greatest Showman, they think she “has a lot
of nerve trying to steal their thunder,” claims the insider.
Remember Zendaya: Teamwork makes the dream work!



in showbiz,

has decided

her family, a
source tells
OK! “Her

Moder] are

fast, she can’t

by,” says the source. “They’re always
out and about with their friends,
which makes Julia really emotional.”
Instead of throwing herself a pity
party, her pals are encouraging
her to take up new hobbies and
spend time making herself happy,
whether it’s with a spa day or a
shopping spree. And to get in more
quality time with the kids, Danny
suggested they plan several family
vacations each year. “Julia thought
that was an amazing idea,” shares
the source, noting that so far, they’ve
visited Alaska and Lake Ontario.
“She knows the kids will fly the coop
eventually, but for now, she’s taking
advantage of every minute she can
get with them!”

“She’s very competitive
and can sometimes come
across as stuck-up,” the
insider says of the
former Disney





with Mischa
is tearing
her down,”
says the
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