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s usual, Kathy Griffin isn’t mincing words. Though
the comedian hasn’t worked on Bravo since her talk
show, Kathy, was canceled in 2013, she’s continued
to air her anger toward former colleague Andy
Cohen. “Andy treated me like a dog,” she stated in a
recent interview. “He was, like, one of the worst bosses I’ve
ever had.” The outspoken star also accused the Watch What
Happens Live host — who previously served as the network’s
VP of original programming — of giving her show the ax. “He
decides the entire slate at Bravo and yet he gave himself a talk
show that magically gets renewed every year,” she quipped.
“I had a talk show... for two years and then I got canceled. In
a way, I’m sure it was competition for Andy.” Kathy went on
to explain that she has no interest in fixing things with him —
or with anyone else who’s ever wronged her: “I’m done
chasing people.”


Kris Jenner is seeing dollar signs.
With the family’s Keeping Up With
the Kardashians contract about to
expire, the momager is said to be
working overtime to secure a jaw-
dropping 10-season, $300 million
deal! In 2017, the famous bunch
earned a total of $150 million for
five seasons over two years, so Kris
is trying to double their earnings

this time around. “The finale
ratings were everything Kris was
hoping for, so now it’s all on the
network,” says an insider. “Kim is
on her way to becoming a lawyer,
and Kanye [We s t] is going to be
more involved in the show than
ever, so the family thinks they’re
definitely worth a lot more because
he’s bringing in so many new

viewers.” The insider adds that all
of Kris’ grandkids will continue to
get screen time, and even her only
son, Rob, who’s been sitting out the
majority of filming, is ready to sign
on the dotted line if his mom can
secure the paychecks. “Kris really
thinks they’re presenting a fair deal
with this,” says the insider. “It’s just
up to the network now.” Ka-ching!

spinoff movies, he can’t help but reminisce
about his glory days on the Georgia set with
his old crew. “Andrew said it’s like leaving your
hometown: You come back and everything
looks the same, but people have moved on
without you,” shares
the friend. “It made
him miss doing the
show all the more.”
Though Andrew
made the difficult
decision to quit so
he could spend more
time with his wife
and kids, “his family
just wants him to
be happy,” adds the
friend. “If Andrew
feels he’s made a
mistake in leaving

be the first one to
push for his return.
They didn’t kill off
his character, so
anything’s possible.”
Stay tuned!



“Kris is shooting for
10 more seasons so she
doesn’t have to worry about
[future negotiations],”
explains the source. “All
the girls seem to be
on board.”


called the
Bravo host

The actor
chose to leave
after nine
seasons of the
hit show.


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